3 easy steps you need to try for fuller looking lips

3 easy steps you need to try for fuller looking lips Favful

Want sensuous lips? This 3-step method will help achieve the fuller, sexier lips that you desire.

The Kardashians have been taking over the beauty scene at the moment. Apart from Kim K’s exaggerated champagne-glass-serving bump and the craze that ensues when Kendall changes up her hair, the other highlight that kindles our curiosity is no other than Kylie Jenner’s lips. Though hers might not naturally full, that still has sparked the trend for pouty lips and people are trying to get a similar pout by doing the Lip Challenge (remember the awfully bruised ones?) or enduring the torment by getting stabbed with a long needle for the sake of injecting fillers. Ain't nobody got time for that

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So, cheers to the lazy girls as we have genius tips that grant you the same plump lip effect with barely any effort needed. The process is truly a no-brainer and best thing about this? It's pain-free.

Step 1

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Use a sharpened lip liner in a lighter shade (try MAC Lip Pencil in Subcultutre) and trace slightly outside the natural outline of your pout and fill in the gaps. Don't go overboard because the more you stray from your natural line, the bigger and weirder your lips will look. Don't put your effort down to waste sketching out "sausage lips".

Step 2

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With the darker lip pencil (try MAC Lip Pencil in Swirl), apply on the corners along with upper and lower lips, slowly blending with the lighter shade to feather out rough lines. Create a gradient effect by extending the darker color by gliding the your lip pencil near the centre of your lips and load the pigment 1/3 way down the bottom lip on both sides.

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Step 3

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Dab your fingers on your lips to blend and soften the edges. You can either leave the midpoint bare or top it with a lighter color or lip gloss for a juicier appeal.

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Be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

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