3 Key Things To Know When Dealing With Dark Spots

3 Key Things To Know When Dealing With Dark Spots Favful

So, what are dark spots?

Don’t confuse em’ with beauty marks because dark spots are essentially caused by sun damage or old acne scars.

Regardless of how it happened, all we know is we want it out and away from our face. People fret over it alot but don’t really know the key points to dealing with it. Aside from spending a ton on skincare and makeup to fix or hide it, here are the 3 key things to remember when dealing with em’


1. All About The Ingredients

You’d think that products with brightening ingredients would help dark spots but sometimes, it’s actually doing more harm than good to your skin.

Brightening products essentially bleaches your dark spots away. Although some are safe to use, others can be way too harsh for the skin. In return, causing you redness, dryness and even itching. When shopping, always make sure to double check and consult with an expert beforehand. 

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2. Consistency And Patience, Honey

There will never be immediate results when it comes to dealing with dark spots and that’s the reality of it. It takes consistency and patience to see some changes and that’s figuratively speaking about 8-12 weeks depending on the potency of the product you’re using.


3. Sun Damage vs Acne Scars

Sun damage is caused well, by the sun...and that’s why sunscreen is so important. Vitamin C is great for dealing with sun damaged skin so make sure you get a whole lot of that from the food you eat to the products you’re using.

However, acne scars may be from puberty and stress. A tip to help lighten it is to use skincare with hydroquinone in it. However, it may be a bit harsh so a bit will do!

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