Being Beautiful ; The 3 Rules You Need to Know

Being Beautiful ; The 3 Rules You Need to Know Favful

By Mark Mabel (@bomabel)

What makes YOU beautiful?

The conventional means to answering that for most people, would revolve around the physical/outer spectrum, in other words, what the eyes notice first-hand.

Be it the way she dresses the bareback bodycon on her skinny-fit body, or even the way her long beachy curls fall perfectly without even trying. These impressions are channeled to the brain to be deciphered and lastly, to rate, just how beautiful a person is.

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According to Google Dictionary, beautiful is defined as “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically”

AHA! Bet. I am a sucker for men with fitting jeans, white tees and black Chuck Taylor – this, my readers, is undeniably an aesthetic pleasing to my mind and senses. But that’s not the point of this article, really. I want to shed light on something a little more… personal and deep – to see beauty beyond the flawless public façade.

There are many facets to explaining what makes you and I beautiful. I have asked and some said a genuine smile, a pair of eyes that speak to you, personality, attitude, a mentality in which the person believes she/he can do anything, a person with values, persistence, someone who knows how to be independent and dependent at the right time, or the way a person loves him/herself and the people around. But with age and life unravelling on a daily, I have come to learn and appreciate beauty from within. It is something intangible, yet gives anybody an indescribable feeling of content as soon as you take notice of it. Beautiful is a trait you cannot buy at Sephora, or wear from Topshop.

Rule 1. Being beautiful to me means being able to acknowledge your flaws.

Flaws are ugly – I’ve got a bad temper, I’ve got deranged mood swings, sometimes I get jealous over the littlest things, I care and think too much about what others have to say about me that I put myself in a downbeat state of mind… and the lists go on. Trust me, anyone in the right mind would take all lengths to conceal them. Fake a smile, bite your tongue and close one eye to any displeasure.

Yet I have come to learn that the more I try to go against my flaws, to try to be the person everybody watch for in me, I stray further from being genuine. With time, I become exhausted and despondent. Who am I, or are you trying to impress, really? The new guy you have a fling with? Trust me. Love sees and accepts beyond and above all. Accepting your flaws means you acknowledge and hold accountable of your own weaknesses, and accepting it as part of what makes you, you.

Rule 2. Being beautiful is being confident.

Does not matter what size, shape, color, age, race, or ethnicity; where you are from, what you do, how you speak or laugh; what you wear, how you walk and eat, cry or rage… being beautiful equals having absolute comfort in being yourself and in your own skin. You don’t yearn or succumb to what social media and the world have shaped and molded of its blooming and duping representation of allure. You advocate genuineness and have undivided believe in yourself. And with confidence, real beauty creeps in unmindfully.

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With the aforementioned, the real measure to what makes you the most beautiful is the ability to be yourself.  

We grow in a society where both women and men model oneself on the images that they see. More often than not, we tend to lose our identity as we cave in to doing it for the gram. If we are unable to accept ourselves, who would? The most important love, in a time where there will be influences telling you otherwise, is SELF LOVE. It is a difficult loving, but I promise you, it will be the most rewarding gift you present yourself. A smile makes you pretty, a body makes you sexy, but only your mind makes you beautiful.

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So, this is what I want YOU to do:
Stand in front of a mirror. See that reflection? A rad and a beaut. Don’t fret about changing yourself, because like how Bruno Mars has said it, YOU ARE AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

And this is what I want YOU to remember:
Rule 3. Do you. It’s enough.

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