3 Fuss Free Tips to Stay In Shape For Raya

3 Fuss Free Tips to Stay In Shape For Raya Favful

By : Zoey Phoon (zoeypky)

Hari Raya is just around the corner, think of all the festivities that you’d be a part of ! After a whole month of fasting to those who are celebrating, it’s finally time for the best part. It’s that time of the year for friends and family to gather, open houses after open houses to visit, Rendang and Lemang galore! During the fasting period, you may or may not have shed a few pounds. You’re all excited because you probably fit into your new baju Raya just perfectly but do take note of all the calories that you’re about to indulge in during this festive season as well! It’s no secret that we all want to eat a whole buffet but not want to gain a single pound but let’s be real here, that’s not gonna happen if binge eating is the main agenda of this festive season.

Want a few tips and tricks to stay in shape or at least manage your weight during this Raya? Keep scrolling!

1. Drink Up! Water Is Your Best Friend

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They say that water is the cheapest way to lose weight and they’re not wrong.

The average human body is made up of 50-65% of water. Imagine this, a whole plate of rice, noodles, curry and sweet treats times an average of 5 a day depending on the amount of open houses you’d be visiting but barely any plain water to flush it down. And no, sirap is no friend of yours and neither is it considered “water” based on the high amount of sugar and artificial colouring it contains. With the amount of food you’d be eating, make sure you’re also flushing it all down and away with plain water.

Eco tip: Bring your own water bottle around with you and refill as you go!


2. Portion Your Meals The Right Way

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Based on the food pyramid, carbs are considered “what you should eat most”.

However, it really doesn’t apply to all of us if carbs are the sole reason most of us gain weight throughout adulthood. The right way to portion your meals is by having 25% of protein, 25% of carbs and 50% of vegetables. So before you eat, make sure you get this trick down before the regret kicks in after.

3. Stay Active!

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With the amount of calories you’d be having in a day, it’s definitely way pass any normal male or female adult’s threshold. Since you have all this excess calories to burn, make sure you keep moving. Stay active by opting for the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, if one house is not too far from another try walking to your next destination, hit the gym at night and more!


There it is, three simple fuss free tips that’ll make sure you still look absolutely bomb even after all that indulging! Did we miss anything out? Share your personal tips and tricks with us in the comments section below!