4 things beauty girls who live in humid weather will understand

4 things beauty girls who live in humid weather will understand Favful

These are the problem we girls are dealing with, every day.

We live in a country where angmohs fancy dropping by for sunny days while we are trying our best to dodge sunrays and find it best to stay in a fully air-conditioned spot. However the sun beating down on you with the mix of sticky humidity can make you as drenched with sweat as if you just gotten out from a shower. Despite that, we will never leave our lipsticks and eyeshadows behind. Bet these are the top 4 things that us girls who love to leave home pretty but have to live in humid weather, always encounter. We feel ya.

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1. Greasy hair

The heat traps in our hair and scalp and when we sweat, the roots of the hair that it contacts with starts to get greasy even though we washed our hair prior to any meetings. To solve this issue, buff some Katfood Cuckoo For Cocoa Dry Shampoo on your hair line and gently massage them in for instant freshness and a boost of volume. It'll immediately soak up any excess moisture.

2. Shiny face

As the day goes, an extra sheen will be added on our complexion. This is actually sebum, secreted from the sebaceous glands and it looks like an oil slick on top of our face. We believe a lot of us categorize this as one of our #firstworldproblems so to reduce it, dust Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder or Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder on your face after your makeup for a mattifying effect.

3. Makeup meltdown

Though Halloween is here, we don’t really want to look like Desi Perkin on our usual days. Our makeup would smudge and sweating means having unintentional lower-eyeshadow or double eyeliner. Splurge on some waterproof and smudge-proof makeup to beat the humidity and of course, own a suitable makeup remover such as Banila Co Clean It Zero to completely take it off later on.

4. Caked-up face

Though some of us don’t do flawless full-faced photo ready makeup, we would still have our foundation and concealer on. After that daily hustling routine, we can feel our face is extremely heavy and cakey. We always think that putting a little more product might help your makeup stay on longer but in fact, the lighter the layers you put on skin, the better. Replace foundation with sunscreen like Yadah Oh My Sunblock or a CC cream and only apply concealer on certain imprefections, add a little blusher and you're good to go.

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