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5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

 5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You Favful

Photo Source: Sassyhongkong

By Missalvy

Wearing cosmetics is tied in with looking bomb ass - isn't that so? Turns out that there are a couple of things that you might mess up without acknowledging it, for example, adding undesirable years to your look - I mean, I’m sure you’re actually not as old as you look, am I right?

Unkempt/Messy Brows

Prepped eyebrows are a thing for a good cause, darling. A groomed eyebrows are important as they can lift your general appearance, as well as help characterize your facial highlights. A brow pencil (be mindful so as not to go excessively dark in shade—settle on a shade close to your hair colour, or one to two shades lighter if you have dyed hair) can do wonders to your entire look without looking fake. Begin with a simple grooming, delicately filling in the state of your eyebrows from start to finish to assemble your look.


Setting Makeup with Powder

It's true that using powder on top of any cream formulas can make them last longer. However as you get older, your skin produces less oil. With dryer skin, powder tends to seep into fine lines that makes your fine lines look more obvious which makes you look so much older. Instead, we would opt for setting spray!


Skipping Foundation

Going au naturel is great, but the sad truth is, most of us look SO MUCH BETTER with a little touch up from a base product. Opting to go foundation-free can make your skin appear dull, especially on those off days where you don’t feel like caking up your face. However, choosing a shade that is close to your natural skin tone can brighten your face, while giving you a fresh-faced look, you can definitely go for “no makeup” makeup look!


Eyeliner Overboard

Eyeliner does amazing thing to your eyes. However, going too crazy with eyeliner doesn't do justice to your eyes, having thick eyeliner does not mean it will always look sexy. In fact, it can overall make you look heavy or tired. Lining only the bottom can make your eyes look a lot more tired than it actually are, and it drawing attention downwards on your face, which makes you eyes look saggy.

Skipping Skincare Routine

Even the most expensive or the best makeup skills can't hide your age if your skincare routine is sh*t. One of the basic skincare product you need in your skincare routine is sunscreen. Sun is great but sun one of the top cause of skin aging. So, make sure that you're wearing a daily sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 or higher! Also, never ever ever, go to bed with makeup on or without a proper basic skincare routine with cleanser, toner and moisturizer.


Let us know what are other makeup mistakes that you done that add on to the numbers of your years by commenting down below! Or create a new thread over in our community section, here at