6 must-know hacks to speed up your makeup routine in the morning

6 must-know hacks to speed up your makeup routine in the morning Favful

An appealing makeup doesn’t have to take too much of your time and effort. Greatest things often come in the simplest way.

Remember those mornings that you woke up late, strapped with time to do your makeup but had to look presentable and then got out the door in total chaos? Or have you been hitting snooze on your alarm for the past hour and are still reluctant to move your butt out of your oh-so-comfy bed? Yes, mornings are awfully brutal but we are here to help. Team Favful has gathered some quick hacks to speed up your makeup routine so you can make it to your first class or appointment with minutes to spare.

#1 Fill in your eyebrows in a flash

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Define your brow’s shape using an eyebrow pencil by lining under your brows. Start from the tail part of your brows where the color appears to be darker. Draw light-handedly and work it towards the direction of your nose so that the shade is lighter and looks natural.

Fill in your brows with an angled brow brush. Draw fine strokes replicating the brows to fill in the gaps. This method will make your brows look thicker, satisfying your inner desire for Cara Delevingne’s brows!

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#2 Sculpt your face quick smart

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Most of the times you don't need a contouring map to sculpt your face perfectly like Kim K’s. To carve out your face instantly, dab bronzer on the perimeter of your forehead using a small fluffy brush. Extend the bronzer from the temples all the way towards the corners of your mouth below your cheekbones in gentle sweeping motions.

You are allowed to make a duck-face in this case, we won't judge.

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#3 Apply blush pronto

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First thing first, SMILE and tell yourself, “It’s going to be a good day ahead”! While maintaining that curve on your face, grab a round blush brush, coat with your favourite blush and draw strokes from the apples of your cheeks towards your ears. Then, place your brush on the apple of your cheeks and blend the color out to mimic a natural glow.

#4 Create cat-eyes using eyeshadow, chop-chop!

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You’ll only need two shades of eyeshadow: A shimmery and a matte one. Apply shimmery soft golden-bronze eyeshadow using a flat tipped brush all over your lids. Lay on some matte dark brown eye shadow along your upper lash line and create a flawless wing at the end with sharp tipped brush. And yes, your cat-eye is done!

#5 Curl your lashes licketly-split

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Warm your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds and curl your lashes. It’s the same concept as curling your hair with a hair curler. But make sure it’s not too hot or else you’ll burn your lids! Then, coat your upper and bottom lashes with your fave mascara.

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#6 Line your lips in a blink of an eye

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The easiest way to line your lips is to do it after you’ve put your lipstick on. If you’re using lip color that doesn’t bleed, define only the parts needed such as your cupid’s bow for a quick fix.

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