6 things to eat and use for camera-ready skin and silky-smooth hair

6 things to eat and use for camera-ready skin and silky-smooth hair Favful

'You are what you eat'.

We believe the above phrase has been heard a zillion times (mostly from mom, we suppose). Feeling guilty from devouring Korean fried chicken and beer over the weekend? You had better be. There's no point whining about how bad your skin looks or how frizzy your hair is if you don't bother to make a change. Ditch your bad lifestyle for a healthier one! Pack your diet with these 3 rich foods and use these 3 masks for the best hair and skin yoiu can have.

1) Tomatoes

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The vitamins and iron present in tomatoes can help strengthen hair and also to provide shines to dull and damaged locks. Tomatoes are also can be used as a natural hair mask if you have an itchy scalp. Simply apply tomato juice on your scalp and hair after shampooing. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. Don't use tomatoes on hair on a regular basis though, as the acidity will bleach your hair and change the color of it especially if you have dyed hair and can leave your hair dry. Tomatoes are also a shield to protect you from the sun's harsh UV rays thanks to the antioxidant, lycopene. This antioxidant is more easily absorbed by your body when tomatoes are cooked or processed. So, a yes to Bloody Mary soup? 

3) Omega-3 fatty acids

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Some fish such as wild salmon, mackerel and sardines are high in omega-3 fatty acids, good fat that your body cannot produce. A diet that includes iron-rich protein can revive lackluster dull hair. Feeding your body with omega-3 can provide strength to our hair follicles and strengthens the hair shaft hence improving texture and stimulating growth. Fatty acids do more than just grant you silky hair. It also has the capability to keep your skin protected from sunburns and ultraviolet radiation-induced skin breakouts. If you're not a fan of fish, fish oil in capsules work as well. This easy-to-take supplement can be a cure for your dry skin problems by nourishing your skin and help your cells regrow. 

3) Dark chocolate

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One of our favourites on the list, dark chocolate that is rich in copper, zinc and iron can help to promote hair growth process. Eating chocolate every day will increase oxygen and improve blood circulation to your scalp for healthier and ultra glossy locks. The incredible anti-inflammatory feature can also lower the likelihood of getting scalp infection. Flavonols are antioxidant that can be found in dark chocolate which can fight free redicals and increase blood flow. The best thing is, dark chocolate also helps in reverse aging. Hmm, perhaps Benjamin Button had too much of it?

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4) Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

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Natural Republic's aloe vera gel are still selling like hot cakes and it seems to be a must-have for everyone. This tub of goodness contains 92% of aloe vera leaf extract so its super mild on skin and the moisture from the gel can be penetrated into your skin easily. The extra cooling effect of the gel can ease irritation and sunburn too. It is basically a one-for-all gel since you can use it on any part on your body.

For your face, use a spatula to scoop out the gel from tub and directly apply a thick layer on your face for a 'moisture bomb' mask. Go on a primer-free day by putting layer of aloe vera gel beneath your foundation. Apart from providing hydration, it also gives an illuminating effect to your skin.

Having the urge to cut off your dry and dead locks? You can also use it to tame your split ends. Or, just pop it on your hair along with coconut oil and honey for about 30 minutes then continue with your usual hair wash. Try it and adore the result!

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5) Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

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This gel mask is good for normal day use and works best overnight. It helps to illuminate, hydrate and lighten your face. Formulated with Okinawa deep-sea water, soy bean extract and hyaluronic acid, it is gentle enough to be applied around the eye areas. We recommend using daily by taking a small amount of the mask with your fingertips, massaging it all over your clean face and leaving on for 30 minutes or overnight. 

6) Melvita Repairing Concentration Mask

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This dense and concentrated hair mask is formulated using three important nourishing organic flower oils. These oils help reinforce hair cuticles while shea butter, rapeseed extract and black oat extract help to reduce hair breakage by 50% upon first use. Use this mask once a week after shampooing your hair. To get best results, you may pair it with their Repairing Expert Shampoo. Apply the mask and massage into your hair after removing excess moisture. Let it stay on for one minute before rinsing.

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