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How to Hallyu: Staples For Your Wardrobe

How to Hallyu: Staples For Your Wardrobe  Favful

By Mark Mabel (@bomabel)

Hana, dul, set, Annyeonghaseyo!

Did you stand in front of your wardrobe for a solid 10 minutes today, thinking “what do I wear”? Or did you stand in front of your almost-collapsing wardrobe, telling yourself “Right, my dresses and sweats are over-flowing but… I guess I need to shop for a couple of new tees and jeans for the gig at Publika this week ‘cause, I’m not gonna wear these and I gotta look bomb?!”?

Truth is, I did. Because that’s me almost 24/7. Y’all feel me? I’ve gone so far as to turning down a day out or date night, simply because I could not decide on which outfit to don, or was not feeling myself in anything that I wrapped my body in and the frustration that seeped in me was real.

Still high on the Ulzzang fever, it hit me that the South Korean fashion in the urban metropolises is rather, modish and trendsetting. Granted, reading some of the famous Korean fashion/style bloggers have given me a couple of light-bulb moments and certainly, a wardrobe/outfit revamp inspo.

Staple 1: Oversized Sweaters

Sweaters may not be the best outfit to opt for, considering the humid and warm weather we live in. But hey! We spend a fair amount of time in shopping malls and cinemas right? Personally, I am a sucker for anything oversized, especially sweaters. Not only it’s comf, but it is a go-to garment that suits anybody and everybody. If you’re a petite person, your sweaters can be worn as a dress. But if you’re a taller female, maybe you could get creative with some DIY and transform it into a distressed crop-top.

P.S: This is a green light for you to steal your boyfie’s sweaters! Below are some of my favorite styles.

I just love when the sleeves are wide and its length goes all the way to your fingers. Plain, stripes, or retro sweaters, you can choose to tuck it into what you pair with your bottom like a pair of leggings, mom jeans, high-waisted denim pants, or simply wear it loose. Menstrual bloat or too much good food in tummy? It’s sweater weather I guess!

Courtesy of Pinterest


Staple 2: Oversized Tees

Similarly, I would pick oversized over baby tees, as I feel they compliment me better. Also, I have always preferred an easy-going, lose fitting and simplistic style. I wear oversized tees habitually, therefore I would usually pair them either with short shorts, or a training shorts. When I am attending a casual event, say a dinner or just a walk in the city and I want to switch up the style a bit, I would pair my tees with lose-fit jeans instead.

A minimal, trendy and easy going two-piece. I love it best when the sleeves are the three quarter types. Tees are easy and flexible to pair with any additional pieces. If you’re looking to embellish your OOTD, you can put on a jacket/windbreaker on top of your tee, and match it with a pair of cone heels or pumps to create a chic, smart casual look.

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Staple 3: High-waisted Denim Shorts

Doesn’t have to be denim shorts only, anything high-waisted or that wraps from your waist onwards such as jeans or skirts do its trick – helps stretch out your legs, which in return makes you look taller. Depending on which occasion you are attending, these high-waisted attire is so versatile, that it can be overhauled into a piece that can fit an easy-going, or even formal events. Undoubtedly, they go along well with the oversized tees and sweaters too!

Be bold with your prints! Denims are a go-to, but going for the making-a-statement color or patterns can really make your OOTD stand out.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Staple 4: Taiki Jeans

I live, I repeat… LIVE for these jeans. Nothing too tight, nothing too draggy – a perfect combination of boyfriend and mom jeans. It’s high on the waist and roomy on the thighs, Taikis’ drapes ever so slightly loose over your legs, and tapers a little right above your ankles. All in all a very relaxed, chic and contemporary look.

Do we not love ourselves an androgynous style or what?

Courtesy of Pinterest



Share with Favful what you think about the inspo and the new pieces you have copped that resemble the staples above!

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