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#StarBeautyAdvisor Effa's eyebrow tutorial using Benefit Brow products

#StarBeautyAdvisor Effa's eyebrow tutorial using Benefit Brow products Favful

Your perfect eyebrows right this way with this tutorial using Benefit's latest brow products.

Benefit has released a new line of products that focuses on the eyebrows from brow pencils, brow gels and even brow primer. Their brow collection consists of 9 different products that plays a role in achieving the perfect pair of brows.


effa benefit brow tutorial

Ka-BROW! is a brow pomade that comes in a pot with a built in brush that can be popped on to the top to make it longer. It comes in 6 shades to fit different skin tones. After ABH’s brow pomade made its way to the top of the market brands such as Tarte and Benefit has in a way followed its foot steps and comparatively I’d prefer Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow mousse to Benefit’s Ka-Brow!.

effa benefit brow tutorial

Benefit’s Ka-BROW! is not as pigmented. Apart from that I find that the pomade tends to dry out very quickly even though I don’t leave it out in the open when applied there are fall outs since the dry pomade crumbles into tiny pieces.

I did the comparison just so you can see the differences but then again I would prefer to use Ka-BROW! as a brow filler rather than using it to line out my brows. It is not all downhill for Ka-BROW! since it does last for quite an impressive number of hours and it is also waterproof. I’d honestly rate it a 7 out of 10 since I’d love for it to be just a tad bit more pigmented and not crumble so easily.

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Gimme Brow

effa benefit brow tutorial

Brow mascaras have never really been a thing for me back then but when Gimme Brow first came out I was utterly obsessed with it and used it in my daily brow routine for quite a while now. I guess you could say that Gimme Brow has been my all time favourite brow gel/brow mascara even before they changed their packaging.

effa benefit brow tutorial

Their brow gel contains tiny microfibers that acts as a faux brow or in any other words provides full natural looking brows when applied on its own. Gimme Brow comes in 3 shades. I’d give this a 9 out of 10.

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The eyebrow tutorial

effa benefit brow tutorial

First, the brows are set with the BROWVO! Conditioning primer (RM130), a nutrient rich primer for fuller-looking brows and then outlined and filled in with Ka-BROW!.

effa benefit brow tutorial

The front of the brows nearest to the nose should be drawn in lightly before fading into a darker shade at the tail of the brows. Upward strokes mimic the eyebrow hairs there best. Blend in the brow hairs with the product with a spoolie.

effa benefit brow tutorial

Use concealer to clean up under the brow bone and above the eyebrows for more precise lines.

effa benefit brow tutorial

Use a brow gel to set your hard work in place.

effa benefit brow tutorial


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Watch the full eyebrow routine using products from Benefit below:

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