How Real People , Real Voices Came to Life

How Real People , Real Voices Came to Life Favful

Have you looked back at the different means and ways that you have gone through  JUST TO GET THE PERFECT BEAUTY TIP?

Believe me, we've all been there. We've come from different experiences with the same purpose, BEAUTY.  For today's story, let us share how and where our community members have come together on Favful to start their journey.


Sasha Tan
Founder of Favful

"For years, I felt like I didn’t know what to do or how to feel beautiful."

So, I started experimenting with a variety of products, only to find that most products didn't help my skin.
 Not only that, but I’d wasted so much time and money.  My skin condition was getting worse,

so I’ve started looking into product reviews and beauty tutorials all over the internet.

That’s when I decided to start Favful, with a mission of bringing real people’s voices together so we can empower each other - with more ways to save time and money that are possibly wasted on the journey to feeling beautiful! I’ve been learning so much since, now whenever I have doubt about a new product I’ll check out Favful to verify the compatibility by reading the skin type analysis of the product or read the mini-blog-like review from community members with skin type like me.

Couldn’t be more grateful for likeminded friends that I’ve made through Favful and my team that fights hard alongside to provide more exciting community benefits for all members. All we hope for is you being empowered, or better yet, belong too! ❤️️"


"Hi everybody! I’m Christen and I’m a huge beauty enthusiast!

Ever since I was a kid I was interested in all things beauty and makeup. I would even ask my parents for makeup kits from Toys’R Us when I was 8 years old!😂

Beauty and Makeup is something important to me as it gives me so much confidence and helps me empower myself. Every product I use is to boost my confidence so I need to be comfortable in using the product. Before I would try a new product I would always search for reviews or tutorials on how to use it, whether it’s good, and even how much it would cost. So then came Favful! It had everything I needed in one site. Reviews, tutorials, and even price comparisons! I also found a new community where I could share my favorite products and get rewarded for it! I realized how much help I can be to others if I share my reviews too. Through Favful I feel so much more confident in trying new things and helping others in their beauty journeys with my reviews. Thanks to Favful I can empower myself AND empower others! 🙆"

Would you want to know more about the others? STAY TUNED FOR MORE STORIES 😉


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