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How Beauty Unites Us Favfulgals

How Beauty Unites Us Favfulgals Favful

Hey babes, we're back this week! Last week we got you our beloved Sasha & Favfulgal Christen

Today, we have 2 lovely Favfulgals who are major make-up lovers & they are here to share their Favful story with you

Jynn Looi


"Hieee~! I’m Jynn and I’m a makeup artist by profession.

Being a makeup artist isn’t just about knowing how to enhance a person’s features and making them super gorgeous, it is also about being the person that they trust when they ask about product recommendations for themselves.

What i struggle with most is to experience a client with “not so good skin”  It got quite frustrating for me when I meet clients with Acne skin or really dry and flaky skin, especially when they ask for advice on what can save their skin. You know?

That’s when I discovered Favful, a site that I can find information about all types of people with various skin conditions that work and didn’t work for them. I really like how honest people can be in this platform where nothing is hard selling. The genuine contribution of how the community put themselves out there to help others through their own experience; encouraged me to want to be a part of this community too.

Doing so, I can share and empower others in my line of work like how they have helped me discover so much more about beauty products!"




"Hey my name is Ruth and I love makeup, and skincare and just beauty in general!

I used to spend hours and hours watching reviews on products on YouTube, just cause I needed to be sure exactly what I’m going to buy before buying it. And also cause I loved watching the products in action.

I stumbled upon Favful one day from a friend’s recommendation and it made things WAY easier cause I’m able to filter everything to exactly my needs. Plus.. I actually get to make my own video review now AND redeem free products for it.

God sent!! Not to mention, I love the fact Favful has a store that sells all the Beauty brands I have been wanting from the USA. Favful, keep doing what you’re doing 😍 "


Would you love to know more or do you want to share with us your Favful journey? 


Not only that, start your beauty journey HERE to discover & grow with the community!