Thoughts of a Beauty Lover - Exterior Beauty

Thoughts of a Beauty Lover - Exterior Beauty Favful

By : Nabilah Hariz (@nabbersxo)

Make-up has come a long way, from plain lip balms and glitter to bold colored lipsticks and super pigmented highlighters and we could easily say that makeup has definitely become a part of the development of many people in the world.

Back then, having makeup being associated with gays, drag queens and men was viewed as a social obstruction as our society believes that having women to be associated with makeup is the norm. Thankfully, people are now more acceptive when different genders and sexual orientations express themselves with makeup.

There is no doubt that every person in this world defines makeup differently. Some may think it’s a waste of time, some may hate it, but the rest of us? We love the idea of it.

Being a makeup lover myself, I would define the idea of makeup as an elevation of art because you could channel what you feel like on the inside, whenever and however you want it. That is why I always view cosmetics as such a beautiful form of art that no matter how much people shun it, I would still fight for it (with facts, of course)

Let’s be honest here, the art of make-up is hurting no one, so I see no reason to throw shade to it 

There are people who think we are here hiding beneath all these creams and powders for useless reasons, yet I would say that we are channeling it as a powerful tool to reveal ourselves in a unique way. We are enhancing what we already own, what’s the harm in that? True, some people do use beauty products to cover up their zits, scars, and imperfections…but it's nothing bad about that until opinions given that we are ‘hiding our insecurities’?

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Why is honesty so scarce, that this world gives you their first impression based on an exterior view of you?  

In a world so consumed by exterior beauty, efforts should be made to get to know a person on a deeper level. Start a conversation. What we have on the outside, should not matter much to you, because makeup is just what we love. We are definitely not hiding ourselves, but we are bringing out the bigger part of us to the world, it’s just how the world decides to perceive this art, our art.

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The fact is, beauty lovers don’t only feel good about themselves when they have makeup on We do feel great, with or without it, don’t trip on that fact. Some of us could go days without makeup and still feel awesome, hurray!


Why settle when we can be more?

What are YOUR thoughts on exterior beauty & how it affects your life? Share with us in the comments below, lovelies!