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How to Hallyu: Guide to Creating THE Ulzzang Look

How to Hallyu: Guide to Creating THE Ulzzang Look  Favful

By Mark Mabel (@bomabel)

Hana, dul, set, Annyeonghaseyo!

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Ulzzang (pronounced uhl-jang), it simply means “best face” or “good looking” in the Korean language. A pretty extra word for a definition as straightforward as being physically attractive, right? Little did you and I know, the Ulzzang-term has earned its glorious spot as one of the most searched keywords of South Korea. OMO!

Essentially, an Ulzzang look has 5 emphasis glowy skin, straight brows, puffy eyes and plump lips with an overall peachy or pink tone to the face to create a glistening, natural and a “no makeup” makeup look.

Ultimately, Ulzzang helps you achieve a winsome, sweet and aegyo image which resemble a little something like this :

Courtesy of Pinterest

Let’s start with our FACE:

Now, the key thing to best carry an Ulzzang look is really to apply the less IS more theory. Forget about contouring or 5 minutes of baking, this makeup is supposed to enhance your natural look! Keep it simple and begin by hydrating your skin. Apply your day-to-day skincare moisturizer. Then, apply primer to smoothen out any fine/streaky lines to create a flawless and velvety skin, and apply concealer only to visible spots. Lastly, opt for a luminous foundation instead of matte type, to bring out a radiant effect.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Now to our BROWS:

Yes, we’re still keeping them on fleek but instead of the usual arched or angled thick eyebrows, we will keep it low-key and do a straight and light-colored brows for this look. Be it an Ebony, Chestnut or Caramel color, pick one that would best compliment your face and features. Then, maintain the same motion whilst drawing a horizontal line from the head to the tail of your eyebrow to form a straight shape. Fill in your brows and brush it with a same direction to even out the color and make it appear more natural.

Use concealer and draw right beneath your brown line to emphasize the shape of it.

Remember, soft and subtle brows only!


Courtesy of Pinterest


Next, our EYES:

When doing Ulzzang, think about summer colors. Opt for Tangerine, Coral, Beige, Peach or even Apricot colors for the eyes. Put the lightest shade across your lid. Then, with a darker color, put it on the outer corner and the crease of the eyes. After that, ensure to pick a color closest to the shade of your first layer, then, layer on top of the two tones with a glitter shade and apply the same shade to the inner corner of your eyes too! Using an eyeliner, or a dark colored eye shadow, draw either a straight or downward eyeliner at the outer lids onwards.

Korean Ulzzang does not do winged or bold liners.

This next step may seem a little awkward, or even unusual. But remember earlier I said that Ulzzang makeup emphasizes puffy eyes? We’ve got a term for it and it’s called an Aegyo-Sal – cute eye bags that would make your eyes appear “smiling” and “pop out”. OMO!

 So how do we do it, you must be wondering? Use the second shade you put across your lids earlier, and lightly draw a thin streak line right underneath your eye bags. Then, run the line to even out. Dab your brush across your eye bags/dark circles area to enhance the Aegyo-Sal. Finish the eyes by applying mascara to the upper and lower lashes and no falsies!

Courtesy of Pinterest


For the oh-so-kissable LIPS:

Similarly, go for bright and vivid tints like a Cherry Red or a Sunrise Orange and apply only to the inner side of both your upper and lower lips. Dab on your lips with your fingers to disperse the colors, as so to create a two tone, gradient lips.

Courtesy of Pinterest


Finishing TOUCH:

Lastly, add a peach/orangey or pink colored blush onto your cheeks, and highlight onto your cheekbones, tip of your nose and Cupid’s bow for the dewy, moist and complete Ulzzang look!

Courtesy of Pinterest

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