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FOREO Luna Mini 2 Beauty Product Review

FOREO Luna Mini 2 Beauty Product Review  Favful

By Kitmun Wan

It’s got these bristles, made of silicone, and it pulsates?! WHAT IS THIS?

At first glance, you will never be able to guess what it is. It’s a cute and colourful rounded electrical item that you often see on the shelves of Sephora. But you’ve got no clue of what it does don’t you.. Well, let me story you this very amazing versatile tech that I got to try out.

Warning : Strings of tech-y words that will amaze you.


First off, what is this Luna Mini 2?

If you didn’t know, it’s a compact facial cleansing brush that claims to cleanse your face of dirt with their T-Sonic™ technology. It dislodges accumulations of dead skin cells. With T-Sonic™ Technology, this vibrational pulses acts gently to the skin without being abrasive. And it does the job in 1 minute a day 2x for a fresher glowing skin!

What’s new about this little one here is that it’s updated 3-zone face brush is optimized for all skin types and comes in six exciting new colors instead of a set colour targeted for your skin type. So you can now pick your favourite colour fit for your personality!

Alright, next up it’s my turn to test this baby.


I’ve got a Pearl Pink Luna Mini 2 here and it’s such a sweet colour to begin with! Comes with a transparent packaging showing only the best they have to offer. I’m a softie with good packaging, so bear with me ladies.

In it comes with a cable to charge, and I only needed an hour to charge it to the max for up to 300 uses. This battery life, I like.


(Left to Right : General-Cleansing Zone, Precision-Cleansing Zone, Deep Cleansing Zone)

Consist of 3 brush zones to target different needs of your cleansing routine. It’s silicone made bristles are so long lasting & easy to clean. It’s hypoallergenic, body-safe and non-porous silicone is easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up. You don’t even need to replace the brush head for a very very long time. And it’s waterproof, use this in your bathtub session for that ultimate pampering.

For what it’s worth, it’s got up to 8 intensities. Oo, intense ain’t it? It’s like giving your face a real massage.


Now time to get a SPA like routine!

Step 1 : Apply cleanser on four areas of your skin after dampening your face. Then wet the Luna Mini 2 and turn it on. Press the center button once to turn on your LUNA™ mini. When activated, it will be in high-intensity Cleansing Mode.


Step 2 : This is where it got interesting! Feeling the pulsation on your face as you glide the Luna Mini 2 brush in a circular motion, exactly like getting a massage.

So goooood. And you’ll never have to worry about the timing as you’ll feel a slight pause after 15 seconds to indicate you to change to another area. All together, taking only 1 minute of your time to use. When it pauses for 3 times momentarily as a reminder that it’s completed. Press the centre button again to deactivate the brush


Evenly distributes the lather and cleanser too

How dandy is that?

Step 3 : Proceed to rinse and pat your face dry, and apply your remaining skincare routine.


You only need to wash it with water & soap. Highly advised to avoid using it with exfoliators or grainy cleansers to avoid damaging it’s silicone bristles.


My final thoughts

For someone like me who has always used her hands in every cleansing routine, FOREO Luna Mini 2 has certainly made me feel pampered in a minute for every session. And although it’s unique shape does raise a lot of questions for starters as well as their other ranges, it’s proven to be bringing our generation of skincare to another level of technology. The T-Sonic™ technology is just as impressive to how vibrational pulses can clean dirt of your skin!

As I believe in person that if you worked hard on a daily basis and you deserve to get pampering sessions like these.

Like what you read? You can definitely get yourself these beauties from then FOREO official webpage , or any Sephora outlets retailing at RM 636.00 for the pampering you deserve!