Household Items are Hair Curlers You Didn't Know Worked

Household Items are Hair Curlers You Didn't Know Worked  Favful

By Mark Mabel 

Say ciao to curling wands and ciao to household-item curlers that are literally lying in plain sight, but we never knew were gems and hacks that actually work!!


1. Pencil/Pen 

How to: Simply wrap a section of hair tightly around a pencil (or pen, whatever you feel like because rules are meant to be broken), and secure both ends with a rubber band / hair tie. Take out the pencil when your hair has completely dried.

This hack is best at creating and adding volume and layers/texture to your hair, as it creates the kind of tight and defined curls.

Courtesy of Musely

2. Socks

How to: Grab a section of hair, and wrap the ends around the middle of a sock. Then, roll away! Make sure you have rolled the sock up towards and closest to the roots of your head. Secure it by tying both ends of the sock together. Once your hair is dry, you’ll end up with the big, bouncy and loose curl look.

You know the frustration when you put pairs of socks in the washing machine but it almost always comes back singular? Well well, now we know how to make a “ugh, not again” to “wow, I’m gonna do this again!”

Courtesy of Clementine Wordpress

3. Bubble Tea / Wide Straw

How to: It’s the same with curling your hair with a pencil – the idea is to wrap your hair around a rod, in this case, a bubble tea straw. Roll your hair onto the straw from top to bottom and hold-tight both ends with bobby pins. Only let down your hair when it is completely dried. The size of your straw changes the turnout of the curls! Pick a wider and thicker straw (of wider diameter) for a medium-sized curl, with better definition.

Courtesy of Veepeejay

4. Regular Sized Straws

How to: Another way to do curls without heat or a wand is to replace curlers with regular straws. Although the technique is similar, but a regular straw creates a more generic and standard everyday-go-to curls. Wrap the ends of your hair in the middle of a standard straw and bring it towards the roots of your head. To keep the straw in place, you can user a hair elastic or rubber band to tie it around. As you release your curl, you should have an irregular curl (combination of big and small curls).

Courtesy of Pinterest

5. Tin / Aluminium Foil

How to: To get that beachy waves, simply grab a sheet of tin (or aluminium) foil and roll it into a rod. Then, bend the middle of the rod to create a U-shape. Clip the u-shape on top of your hair, and weave the strand of hair around each side of the rod in an 8 shape (imagine drawing the 8 figure). Once you get to the end, simply fold the foil rod to lock your hair in place. Unravel your hair slowly and carefully once it is completely dry. Then, run your fingers through your hair to loosen it up, which creates a natural and flowy result.

Courtesy of The List

But take note ladies! Before you begin the curling fest with these hacks, make sure you do it on dampened hair. This will help make the curls more apparent and last longer, as your hair dries naturally. If you’re looking to style only parts and sections of your hair, spray hair with water mixed with a few drops hair oil to help set the curls and for a lasting effect.