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John Mayer's beauty vlog proves he may be the next beauty guru

John Mayer's beauty vlog proves he may be the next beauty guru Favful

The Grammy Award-winning crooner gave away his skincare secrets.

It’s quite rare that you'd hear about men sharing their beauty secrets and hacks other than the tried-and-true soap-and-water method. But recently, John Mayer blew up on social media by sharing a series of full-fledged beauty vlogs on Snapchat. He took a break from plucking his guitar strings and recorded a spectacular series of videos documenting his evening skincare routine entitled, “Skin Care Secrets With John”. From face cleansing to mist spraying, he has all the dos and don’ts covered. Psst...he has some wacky tips too!

First, the crooner looks cute with his hair pushed back with a bandana and cleanses his face with wallet-friendly Proactiv cleanser. Carrying on with his moisturizing routine, he uses Natura Bissé high-end beauty products, which he thinks are mainly used by (rich) people who are in their 60s or 70s, to keep his skin supple and radiant.

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Here come his skincare hacks.

Hack #1

Apply lotion using his very own D.A.T (Direct Application Technique) by pumping the product out of the bottle and onto the face instead of getting the expensive product stuck between pesky finger creases. Hmm...sounds convincing. Who wouldn't want to milk every bit of all the products that we have spent so much money on?

Hack #2

“Eye concentrate is really just better facial moisturizer, but more expensive, in smaller bottles. Use it”. Employing D.A.T , he dotted the eye concentrate on his face as he spoke. Sneaky as it sounds but it's undoubtedly a good tip!

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Hack #3

Mayer takes Vitamin C and E complex and taps along expression induced lines on his upper lip and chin to combat aging with "The Offset Smiley" method. Smiley over a smiley you got there, John.

He created another beauty term, CNZ (Crucial Necessity Zones), which means “the predesignated areas where I need moisture the most”, while dotting moisturizer on his forehead, eyes, lips and jawline. 

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The dedicated singer/songwriter, oh wait, we mean dedicated beauty guru, uses a cotton swab and slowly works the moisturizer into his face. Talk about fully utilizing beauty products on your face, not even your finger creases. A cotton swab, really?

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Hack #4

Do not spray your mist directly to your face, do the head-butt motion instead. John explains that mist spray is great to set all the moisturizer but direct spraying is way too harsh for the skin. His solution? Spray hydrosol in front of your face and do the head motions like a cuckoo bird trying to stick its head out of a clock, literally.

“Now you have it, taking good care of your skin is key.”

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