This quick 3-step hair trick is what girls with thin hair and uneven hairlines need

This quick 3-step hair trick is what girls with thin hair and uneven hairlines need  Favful

Solve your uneven hairline and thin hair problem with one simple method.

Feeling envious about Beyonce’s seemingly perfect strands or Kim Kardashian’s full-looking mane that you saw on the recent MTV VMAs red carpet? Relax and keep level-headed because it's only a fast trick to amazing hair that gives you a solid hairline. Whether you have thin hair, messy baby strands or an uneven hairline, we've got you covered with a easy-peasy way to earn that picture-perfect hair without paying a penny for treatments. All you need are items that are already resting in your makeup pouch.

And only two items needed: A matte eyeshadow and a eyeshadow brush.

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Step 1

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Sort out the matte brown eyeshadow shades you have and find a color that matches well with your roots in one or two shades lighter, to avoid awkward dusky harsh lines. Contour powder may work too if you have coffee-coloured hair.

Step 2

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Using a flat tipped eyeshadow brush, lightly fill in the sparse sections of your hairline that need coverage. Start shadowing your scalp on the area with baby hairs or the hair part and slowly build it up so you can have more control on the color density.

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Step 3

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Take a full look on the mirror to check if there’s any part to fix. And that’s it, sculpted hairline and thicker looking hair granted. It probably won't work so well if you sweat a lot, but try using some makeup setting spray to make it last.

Or, get Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker if you really want a product for that! Now tell us: Would you fill in your hairline?

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