RAYA GLOW UP 2018 Favful

By Nabberxo

Raya is so near and here at Favful, we know how exciting you are to balik kampung to celebrate, bond, indulge in good food and make wonderful memories with your family.

Since Hari Raya is a once-in-a-year thing, we're sure all of you want to look bomb in those family photos and Instagram stories. We've picked some of the best from the beauty world, especially for all you beautiful souls so that you will have a complete festive season because we know that it's not just about the formalities and food these days.


1. Skin Care

It's common that we all want a full face of makeup on the first few days of Hari Raya, because honey, you want to be serving looks. In order to get a flawless makeup look, it all has to start from a perfect base. Here are two skin-loving products that our editors swear to make your skin festive ready:

  • Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

mage source: hermo.my

Nothing feels better than a fresh and clean face. That's why we always have to pick the correct cleanser that will not be harsh on the skin. This cleanser by Cosrx contains Tea Tree Oil which helps to control oil and tighten your pores, while still being gentle as it has Natural BHA that exfoliates without ripping the natural goods of your skin.  Raya ready clean skin for days!


  • Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel

Image source: Neutrogena.com

After cleansing your skin, you got to keep it moisturized to balance the PH of your skin, so it doesn’t overproduce or underproduce oil. A well-moisturized skin will keep your make-up intact through the sunny weather and all the rendang that you will be enjoying! This gem by Neutrogena is a great addition to prepping your skin for Raya because it deeply hydrates your skin without leaving it looking oily! What’s the magic, the water gel formula of course! Drench your skin and keep it supple and fresh throughout Raya, ladies!


2. Make-up

When it comes to Raya make-up, it’s all about the pop of color! Raya is festive that is full of happiness and bonding, so it’s always great to add a little surprise to your look. Don’t tell us that you don’t want that perfect #RayaMakeup selfie for Instagram, because we know you do. Here are two staple make-up items that the Favful team thing should be part of your Raya make-up this year, just because it’s simply amazing.

  • Kathleen Lights X Colourpop Dream St. Pallete

Image source: Colourpop.com

As Colourpop said so themselves: This is the dreamiest palette yet!

This beautiful pressed eyeshadow palette is a mix of neutral tones and rich pops of colors, all with the creamiest and buttery formula that allows you to blend it easily. You can play it around by having a nude-toned base and top it off with a pop of neon red or glittery silver. Match your killer eye look with your gorgeous Raya outfits and you will be serving looks. Your family and friends will be admiring you, girl. This palette is worth every penny, trust.

  •  Glossier Balm Dotcom

Image source: Glossier.com

A lip color may be important, but no one would like it on chappy lips, honey! This lip balm will promise to keep your lips luscious and moisturized all day. We all know you’ll be rocking those matte lips this Raya so that it can last all-day, so always keep this baby with you so that you can drench it on your lips whenever you need too! Not wearing any lip colors? There even have some with a tint of color in them!

We hope that you are now ready to prep your look for Raya because we are so excited to see your beautiful glow with Favful!