Switch It Up: An Androgyny Aesthetic

Switch It Up: An Androgyny Aesthetic Favful

By Mabel Mark (bomabel)

Now theoretically speaking, an androgynous approach in fashion consists of a masculine and feminine blend to the selection of styles. In simpler words, these styles are of no specific gender and are ambiguous.

If you go on to Google and search up androgyny, you will stumble upon images after images of really personable, charismatic and rugged females that exhibit their masculinity ever so pertinently, which will make you muse on the many why-did-it-not-cross-my-mind reasons why haven’t you (and myself included) given these looks a shot?! It is a perk if you (as a female) are innately more boyish looking, that you are genetically a more robust person albeit physically or personality wise, or that as an individual you generally prefer a style less feminine and inclined to a man’s, because these certainly contribute to creating a stronger androgynous look. But remember! Androgyny isn’t about creating restrictions or binarism. Ultimately, it is about ridding it so you get to define what gender-neutral trend mean to you.


Nevertheless, if you’re like me who is only starting to explore the androgyny aesthetics, I’ve got you on full coverage as I have narrowed down 5 essentials / accessories that would help you achieve looking like a handsome beautiful honey.


● Body Binders ●

Binders are an extra length to take but these help with coverage. Should you wish to go all out, these bandages can help diminish the natural curves and bumps of your body. Not only do they wrap around comfortably (with one that fits you correctly), different binder also help shape your body differently, depending on what sort of figure you set out for. Keep in mind that binders are only to accentuate the overall androgynous look so wanting to flaunt your assets shouldn’t be hindered in any way!

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● Plain, Patterned, Collared Tees ●

(short or long sleeves work just as fine!)

T-shirts are basically staples for anybody’s wardrobe. They are easy to pair with, don’t require effort to style up and are one of the on-the-go’s that are seemly for most occasions. Roll the sleeves up, accessorize your hair with a beanie or baseball cap (or just let it loose because why not), then match with skinny jeans or jogger pants with a pair of old-school Vans or Chuck Taylor and we are set

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● Drop-crotch / Harem Pants 

You’d be surprised how the gals can pull off these pants as easy as guys do. Matter fact, drop-crotch pants become more versatile, vogue even when we wear them. Why? ‘Cause we go these with heels. Mmhm, heels honey.

Masculinity and androgyny aren’t always about looking manly per se, but it is also how you are able to develop your own style out of it and make it yours. We’re low key everyday-trendsetter!

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● Blazer ●

Blazer comes in different cuts shrunken, cropped, boxy, boyfriend, etc. and materials velvet, satin, velour, cotton, etc. Depending on which type you prefer, keep in mind the length of the blazer as it does the trick of elongating our silhouette, and its lapel – skinny ones create a straighter line down our body while the larger, fanned out ones draw more notice to the chest area. Smart casual emits a Miss Independent aura that even Ne-Yo thinks we walk like a boss, talk like a boss. Need I say more?

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● Layering / Outer Pieces ●

This does not do much of molding, rather, acts like a supplement that embellish the overall androgynous look similar to a binder. Suppose you are new to venturing into this style and you try to figure out how to make the most out of your existing pieces of clothing, by simply layering a basic short-sleeved tee, with a plaid or a hoodie can make a whole lot difference and bring out the Ruby-Rose-in-Downtown-L.A look.

So what do you think of these androgynous look and would you give it a shot? 

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