Look out! These are ingredients in your lip balm you need to avoid.

Look out! These are ingredients in your lip balm you need to avoid. Favful

Start reading the lip balm ingredients in your next purchase.

For those of you who have dry lips like us, you’d be fretting if you lost your lip balm or left it sitting on the counter at home when you’re out. But really, have you ever wonder why would you are so addicted to a short, transparent and waxy tube? What chapped lips victims need is a lip balm that works well to tackle the irksome problem but some savage lip balm companies include ingredients that actually dry out your lips so you would keep reapplying.

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Unbelievable? Sorry, that’s a fact.


Lip balms that contain humectants like glycerine and hyaluronic acid will pull the moisture out of the epidermal layer of your lips and the water then evaporates away, causing constant dry and chapped lips. So this will keep your lip balm application in a static routine as well as to encourage more purchase (hence more revenue and make great money). Whut. Great job, vicious lip balm companies that build happiness on someone else’s sorrow.


Well, even Marvel Comics have heroes and villains; thanks to some devoted lip balm makers, we still have some good and effective sticks— When humectants are mixed with occlusive ingredients such as bee wax and shea butter, they become the best combo to fight chapped lips. When humectants absorb moisture, instead of evaporating, the occlusives will lock it and such a process can keep your pouts soft and plump.

Now that you know which lip balms should be spared, time to purge your lip balm stash!

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