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7 Things A #Girlboss Does Daily

7 Things A #Girlboss Does Daily Favful

If you watch the show #Girlboss, you would know that it is a process to try and be the next Sophia Amoruso. It's time for us stand high and lead our community.

Get to know a few things girl bosses do that separates them from the rest and inspire yourself to be your own boss, ladies. Because you know what they say, every girl boss starts early. So, here are seven things that every girl bosses do on the daily to stay on top of their game!


Their Mornings Are Routined Perfectly

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Do you see that girl, looking all glowy and positive? That might just be a girl boss that started her morning early, with some healthy and lean breakfast while listening to some calm jams before she heads to work. Best believe a successful woman does not snooze her alarm way too many times and scroll on social media for hours before she gets up, because hey, that is not a girl boss worthy morning habit alright.


Keep themselves hydrated

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Hydration is key because it provides oxygen to your body, especially to your brain cells. This is why girl bosses swear by drinking water at all times because not only does it keeps them alert, but it also promotes good digestion and healthy skin. Honey, nobody just glows without effort. Drink up, buttercup, H20 is great for everyone.


Always plan ahead for their schedule

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When you are on top, sometimes life can get in the way of living. Happens to almost every girl boss 'cause let’s face it, there’s just too many things to work on. The difference is, they prioritize tasks for efficient and productive workflow. This way, they would be able to make sure tasks are checked off in an orderly manner to avoid missing priorities. That's crucial in their dictionary, as a habit of forgetting could lead to big mistakes. You'll be able to spot her best friend, the notebook because well, there’s just too much for them to remember everything at the back of their head. Scribble it right away to never lose the thought!


Girls Run The World!


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You know why a girl boss is called a #Girlboss? Imagine living in a world that is generally dominated by men and still being able to juggle a business, being a support system to the people around them and also being a mom/daughter/friend…well, that’s why. Every girl boss would never allow gender stereotypes to get in the way of achieving their goals.

They are still smashing, crushing and killing their way through this world on the daily. Insane, but that’s the real truth.


Exercise on The Regular


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As much as everyone loves curling in bed while watching their favorite television series, we have to know that being a girl boss also means not skipping that workout. Not only does exercise keeps our ladies poppin’, but it also helps to stimulate their brain cells so that it could pour more creativity out of them! So, sweat to work it, girl!


Me Time is Important

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As much as work, social life and other responsibilities are important, girl bosses always make time for themselves. Even on the busiest days, best believe they would at least spend an hour on their own to whine down, read a book and have some warm tea. It’s important for girl bosses to do this to keep themselves grounded and in check, so give yourselves some love even when you’re striving high.


Fake It Till You Make It On Top

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We all have our bad days, the days where we feel like we’re not trying hard enough or that we are going nowhere, even a girl boss goes through this, sometimes on the daily. Here’s one thing though, they don’t sweat about it the entire time, instead, they say that it’s all A-okay. Putting their chin-up and hustling through until they actually know what they’re doing. Girl bosses keep their motivations in check, always.

Now that you know what your favorite girl bosses do on the daily, you could now include it into your routine and be one step closer to being a girl boss, or BAWSE, as Lilly Singh would say. Work smart, play hard and keep hustling, ladies. Time goes by fast in this world that is constantly evolving, no one will wait for you to reach up high, so you got to show them all that you got!