7 Things All Girls Do Before The First Date

7 Things All Girls Do Before The First Date Favful

By: Nabilah Hariz (@nabbersxo)

First dates are always exciting, yet nerve-wrecking at the same time. We all hope to have a good time with that person and share an unforgettable first date memory, just by letting our personalities shine through.

Well, let’s be real here, shall we? Being girls, we want everything to go perfect, just like the picture we painted in our heads of how the date will go.  We do go quite the extra mile to prep ourselves for this long-awaited day and it gets a little too extra.

Here are the things almost all girls do leading towards the first date:


1. The Bestie PEP talk

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Girls love ranting to their friends. So,when rumours of a date happening flies, phone ringing up almost immediately to spill the tea and share their nerves with. There’s usually no solution to get after the phone call, but trust me, talking to a friend and have them back you up could calm down you down almost instantly.


2. Overthinking An Outfit 

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Oh, honey, I could easily say this is every girl's biggest struggle when going on a first date.

Like, we want to look not just cute, but a little flirty.

Something cheeky, but not showing too much.

It usually takes forever to find the perfect color, design, and vibe. We definitely don’t want to end up wearing the same outfit as the next table, because that is just a little awkward.

3. Make-Up or Wrecking-it 

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Okay, to be fair, not all girls wear make-up, but this is for those who do. We usually want to look as natural as possible, but with a little something different because we are unique AF. What do we do? The process goes from gathering inspos, swatching and styling, snapping a photo and blasting it to our friends. Finalizing that ulltimate date look definitely takes it all to another level of friendship goals, ladies.

4. Where are we going?

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If he has planned the dinner date, typically we’d  end up Google-ing the restaurant to get the idea of the ambiance. Oh, and it’s imperative that we don’t have Miss Indecisive ordering our food. We wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression do we. So we’ve got to prepare ourselves for the decisions, pronto.

5. We don’t just compare, we analyse

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Let’s just say you got yourself a smokin’ hot date, and suddenly this crippling sensation of insecurity running through your veins. You start to think that you’re not as good as the other person and you get even more nervous. What do girls usually end up doing?

Guilty as we speak. Stalking their Instagram and other possible social media accounts 

Not only theirs, but their lady friends too. This is definitely not a healthy way to boost your confidence, but let’s all be honest here, we all do it.

6. We might start to think It’s not a Good Idea

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T-minus 2 days to your date, and you can almost feel your heart jumping out of you. These nerves are telling you to do one thing: CANCEL THE DATE. You start making up reasons in your head, something that sounds valid, but not too much. Having typing it to your date’s chat but never pressing the send button.

You want to know why? - The guilt of canceling on something both of you are looking forward to, is just not the coolest thing to do.

7. Practice Makes It Perfect

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Alright, what do I say when we’re walking?

Should we talk about life? Music? Career? Family?

GAH, this is so hard. I’m going to fail so hard!”, you say to yourself as you are getting ready for the date.

Still, you’d continue imagining the talks so that there will be no awkward silences. We guarantee you that most of the time, first date conversations never go as planned. You’re NOT a mind reader so keep these talks till the moment and be yourself!

So girls, if you’ve done one (or more) of these, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s totally normal being nervous but

Hey, first dates will either make it or break it.

We’re just eager to know more and understand this person better, well maybe a little way too eager, that we resort to overdo everything to prepare for it.

If you’re one of those girls who never feel nervous before your first date, well girl, you deserve an award.

Till then, ladies. Remember, always cherish every moment of your first date!

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