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Things I Wish My Boyfriend Knew About Makeup

Things I Wish My Boyfriend Knew About Makeup Favful

We love our man in our lives, but sometimes they just don’t seems to understand our obsession with makeup. Some tried but fail; there are some who don’t bother trying.

Guysssss, please take note!

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There’s a difference between the color shade RED and WINE. It might look slightly similar, but it is definitely different!  We don’t buy tons of lipsticks if we can’t differentiate the shade.  


Lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, lip stains are all different! We are actually buying different products!

FYI, here is a good read to understand the difference between them.



We are delighted to hear that we look the same with or without makeup and telling us it is redundant to waste money on them.

Errrrr…thanks, but NOOOOPE. I can put makeup on anytime, anywhere I want.


Not all wipes are facial cleansing wipes. Facial cleansing wipe has different elements to ease makeup removing process, and is less harsh on skin.


Don’t talk to me while I am trying to put my eye makeup on.  

Sometimes, is not us trying to go full blown with our eyeliner, but… do you know how much focus is needed?



Don’t give me that look while I am using my eyelash curler! It is just a tool to curl my eyelashes, and yes I don’t feel this way…



Makeup is not cheap… so if you have no idea what to get for us as present, we will be more than delighted to receive makeup! TEEHEE ;)