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Urban Decay's New Palette Got Us Talking A Whole Lot of Sass

Urban Decay's New Palette Got Us Talking A Whole Lot of Sass Favful

By: Nabilah Hariz (@nabbersxo)

Urban Decay, you’re bringing a bang of sass and class with this one

Urban Decay's Backtalk palette was launched in March, yet it hasn't caught my eyes until streams of review videos, articles and beautiful ladies of multi skin shades serving looks with it. One thing sure is although not as hyped as Naked Heat, this product is still perfect in every way and it deserves more recognition by the world of beauty.

Let’s talk about the name of this palette, because man, it has a banging name.

Girl, I don’t think anyone will dare to talk smack 'bout you anymore when you are serving looks with this palette because your inner goddess will be ready to show some sass into them.

This palette showcases eight eyeshadows and four highlighters of a beautiful spectrum of monochrome millennial pink, which I know many of us are absolutely obsessed with

Image by: Urban Decay

Have you ever just look and think, damn, I’m in love.

GIF by: Tenor

Of course, Urban Decay is such a sweetheart and thinks about everything that the design includes a detachable mirror in between the highlighter and eyeshadow sections. You can now touch-up on your sass on-the-go!

Image by: Urban Decay

And I’m dead serious when I say, the shades look bomb on almost any skin tone. I got the receipts, honey!


Images by: PopSugar

At the price of RM245, I really think it packs a good value as it is not just an eyeshadow palette, it comes with four poppin’ shades of highlighters too! We all know that there’s nothing better than makeup that gives you a good value for your bucks!

What else are you waiting for, my dear makeup and millennial pink lovers? Sprint your way to your nearest Sephora and grab that Backtalk today. Just give in to Urban Decay this time and let them show you the sweet deal.

What is your favorite palette by Urban Decay? Let us know in the comments!