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What is Milia?

What is Milia?  Favful


Ever wondered why you have these little white bumps? They’re not pimples, and they don’t itch you like a pimple does.

If you didn’t know, these little buggers are called Milia. Milia are small, bump-like cysts found under the skin, caused by trapped dead skin cells & surprisingly, clogs up the sweat ducts, not your pores like a pimple.

It's not acne of any sort. It doesnt even begin in the pore! Milia cannot be trully prevented, however you can choose to treat it with a few recommendations of gentle exfoliators or opt for a professional advice.

You can still begin to change certain habits to accommodate a DIY method of milia treatments, by nutrition and also external methods.


Key Nutrition Factors

Food rich in Vitamin A & Omegas are best to hydrate your skin from within, making your body functions work smoother.

It’s not a secret to know that these nutritional elements are a blessing for fabulous skin health! The increase of cell turnovers help prevents this little bumps from happening often as we move to the next key, external method


External Methods

Exfoliation is important to help get rid of the build up of dead skin cells, allowing your new cells to reach the surface. Besides using scrubs to remove your dead skin cells, opt to look for AHA & BHA acid exfoliators. This way, you won’t be excessively scrubbing all your skin away as these exfoliators only target your dead cells.


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