Which Riverdale Girl Are You Based on Your Lipstick Shade

Which Riverdale Girl Are You Based on Your Lipstick Shade Favful

Season 2 of the hit show, Riverdale has come to an end, and the season finale was insane. We know that we have to wait until October for a new season, so, what’s great to do while playing the waiting game, you ask? Well, we could imagine ourselves being one of the girls from Riverdale!

Every girl in that show portrays their character perfectly through their fashion, hair and makeup. I bet all you girls who are a huge fan of the show are curious about which Riverdale girl are you or which of them you could relate to most. There’s no better way to figure that out through your choice of lipstick!

Let’s begin the ride, shall we?

The Sweet Little Pink Lady | Betty Cooper

Image source: Riverdale Wiki-Fandom

Oh, sweet little Betty and her perfect pink pout. If she’s not with her pink lipstick, she will be out exploring her dark side. If you’re a neutral kinda gal and enjoys putting on a nude pink lipstick that is close to your actual lip colour, you’re definitely Betty Cooper.

You tend to have a more cautious, girl-next-door vibe to your character. Soft, but not too gentle. Neutral, but with a strong mindset. There is just something interesting about girls who possess a strong character without having to be too much on the exterior. The journey of finding your perfect pink, nude-toned pout is not simple, but once you’ve found it, you’ve found your inner Betty.

The Deep and The Dark Boss Lady | Veronica Lodge

Image source: Riverdale Wiki-Fandom

Ronnie is always with her deep and dark red pout. Personally, I’m a huge fan of her lip colour, and if you’re just like me, someone who prefers dark lipstick shades, you’re definitely Veronica Lodge material. You’re negotiable, but not easily manipulated. Beautiful and charming, but you’re not easy with the men.

Leading is one of your biggest assets, which is why having a deep lipstick shade is perfect for you. Why do you ask? Well, girls who wears dark colours are usually viewed as daring, so even if you’re not as fierce as Veronica is, you could fake it till you make it. Let the deep shade of lipstick bring out the boss lady in you, girl!

The Iconic Lady in Red | Cheryl Blossom

Image source: Riverdale Wiki-Fandom

The bright red lip on Cheryl doesn’t need any introduction. That red lip of her is iconic, sensual, beautiful, daring….just all-in-one! If you like it bold and bright, you are definitely Cheryl Blossom alright. You tend to be sassy in a good and bad way. You could be mean to the people that did you wrong, but deep down in you, you have a heart of gold towards the ones that are always there for you.

There is nothing wrong with showing your fierce side, honey! Those red lips of yours will definitely get the heads turning and the hearts fearing. You have a character like no other, so don’t lose that asset of yours.

The Deep Nude Princess | Josie McCoy

Image source: Riverdale Wiki-Fandom

Josie is always strutting her deep brown nude lipstick. If you love keeping it simple but with a little extra umph, Josie if definitely your alter ego. Just like Josie, you’re sweet, but with a little hint of spicy cinnamon. She always has a nude coloured lipstick which is almost identical to her actual lip colour, but her eye-makeup is the thing that brings the depth to her look. She could go extra when she wants to, but mostly with the eyes. Who says a simple girl like you that loves a nude lip shade is boring? If they think so, well, tell them who is the daughter of the Mayor then.

We hope that you’ve found the Riverdale version of you! Remember, a lipstick shade speaks a lot about a person, personality wise. Now, you can explore your inner Riverdale girl self and have fun with it while waiting for the next season to come. It’s going to be a dreadful wait, but hey, you’ll have plenty of time to explore your character!

So can you relate? Which Riverdale girl are you? Drop a comment below!