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Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

By Avene

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  • combination skin, medium fair
    Quick way to freshen up and soothe skin!

    I have combination oily skin, and I use this as a toner, light setting spray, to refresh my makeup or whenever my skin feels prickly and dry. It's great to soothe irritated skin and I love using it especially after shaving as it really helps to soothe razor burns. For someone with combination oily skin, I used to hate using toners as I didn't like the sticky feeling afterwards, but I never experienced that when using this thermal water! Excellent for our hot and humid weather and really worth buying !

  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Great product for any skin types, especially sensitive skin!

    It is a colourless and odourless mineral water mist that works well for my sensitive skin. My skin get red easily when i am expose under the heat, it is effectively calm down my redness and sensitive after i apply this. I have been using this for years, i tried to stop once and i am regret because the other brands are not as great as this one. Usually, i spray it every time after i cleaned my face as a layer of protection before i continue to apply other products. So far, my redness has been reduced and less sensitive. Love their packaging, and they come with travel size as well. 

  • combination skin, medium, 26-35
    Perfect On Sensitive Skin

    My sensitive skin tends to feel dry especially when staying too long in an air conditioned room. A few spritz of Avene Thermal Spring Water instantly refreshes and soothes my sensitive skin. This can also be used whenever you're in need of a quick pick me up or when you'd been spending too long under the hot sun.

  • normal skin, fair
    Avene spring water

    I see this like bio essenCE spring water.The feel is same when spray in my face.I use it before make up like that make up will long lasting. A colourless,spring wTer scented, and contain 20 mineral,If u take twin pack is more chaper than one bottle.That thing I hope it manufacturer can product a small bottle once, like that convenient take out.This spring water spray hydrate my skin, and leaving my skin look radiant and fresh during the day,highly recommend

  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17
    doesnt work much

    I enjoy using this product but it definitely an "extra" and unnecessary step I must admit. I love using this after a workout to cool down and calm my face and also if my makeup is looking powdery, by other than that? I don't see any crazy changes in my skin.

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Product details

Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes, softens and calms skin. Hydrate your skin with our medium size bottle.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•Soothes redness associated with inflammation  
•Calms itching sensations  
•Rich in silicate and trace elements  
•Low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin  
•pH 7.5 – perfect balance of anions and cations  
•Sterile packaging– bacteriologically pure



•    Avène Thermal Spring Water (100%) - Soothes and softens
•    Nitrogen (gas) - Non-flammable inert gas that is ozone friendly