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Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water 100ml Pack Of 2

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water 100ml Pack Of 2

By Bio-Essence

3 (219 ratings)
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  • combination skin, medium
    bio essence miracle bio water the best

    i use this product any time that i want. for example, after wash my face, because i love the cool feeling of it. other than that, i use it before and after my makeup as my makeup fixing spray. surprisingly, it makes my makeup last all day. no need to touch up. i also use it whenever i feel exhausted and have tired face. it will help me feel fresh and awake.   

  • oily skin, fair
    Miracle Water!

    I like this product because it's cooling, soothing and calming to my skin, very hydrating, pH Balanced, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, controls oil, refines pores, brightens & firms skin and lastly it prolongs my make up wear!!

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Spray this anytime anywhere~

    Haha yup. I just love to use this and spray em on my face anytime anywhere because it does what it says! Seriously, the mist work really great on my skin. The scent is refreshing. Keep my skin moisturizes, the size are just nice very convenient and cute, easy to carry in my handbag no doubt! Very hydrating! It soothes my inflammed skin. Not sticky at all. Absorb very fast to my skin. 

    P/s: A big help on day where I just feeling lazy and everything such a hassle. :P Spray them through out the day to keep my face moisturize :P

    Very handy for a quick hydration mist. Suits me very well for the hydration and that feeling where it makes my face stays fresh at daytime. Worth the money. Worth the hype. Would totally repurchase if it's on SALE! LOL

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Multipurpose use

    Honestly this is my favourite and a must product me to have. I use it everyday day and night, i bring it everywhere. Sometimes i change my bag so i forgot to bring it then i will buy it at nearby pharmacy or drugstore since then i barely got it in each of my bag.

     Basically i use it on my face, body and hair sometimes.

    Also i use this as a make up setting, very easy and i feel safe on my skin cause I've tried some other brand of make up setting it makes my skin oily,sensitive part become red and feel not comfortable.

    This product multi purpose use so i don't need to bring other than this product in my bag. Plus it is very affordable price everyone to have. 

  • acne prone skin, medium
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Sensitive Skin

    This is the most affordable drugstore mist. I had a terrible breakouts in the beginning of the year and used the Avene thermal mist. It is very good as it claims but later on I switched to this and they worked perfectly fine it can't be use as setting sprays too 😉 

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Product details

The degree of coolness of the spring water determines the soothing, anti-irritating and calming effects.
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water contains Bio-Energy which is well known for its benefits in dermatology. The Bio Spring Water is uniquely low in mineral and super low salt content yet rich in trace minerals, ensuring 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing, whitening and anti-irritating effects. It is miracle bio water with 20 excellent efficacies.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•    Controls oil effectively
•    Refines pores
•     Whitens & brightens skin
•    Firms skin with better elasticity
•    Lifts skin
•    Reduces dark circles
•    Reduces eye bags
•    Relieves sensitive skin
•    Relieves pimples & reduces redness
•    Use after make-up for longer lasting & natural look
•    Moisturizes and nourishes skin
•    Relieves tiredness, energizing
•    Soothes skin after treatment