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By Bioderma

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  • combination skin, medium fair
    Finally I bought it

    Been deciding whether to get it and Guardian finally had it on sale. It was sold at Rm158 for two bottles and I had a discount code which reduced the price to Rm148 for two. So much cheaper than retail price!

    It was the best choice I've ever made. It cleans up my skin and has made wonders to my skin. My skin does not feel dry neither does new pimple pop up randomly anymore after a night of sleep. This probably tells stories about my previous cleansers' effectiveness at cleansing my face.

    It doesn't smell of anything to me. It's watery and a little goes a long way! 

    I use this every night after washing with oil cleanser to remove any residue still lingering on my face.

    Love this and will definitely repurchase when I'm done with it. Rm74 for 500ml is so worth it!

  • normal skin, medium fair, 13-17
    So good

    This product is so easy to use and super soothing on the skin, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I usually only need to soak one cotton pad to remove my light makeup. The water is nice and cooling, and helps to clean the skin without stripping it of moisture. Takes a bit more effort to remove liquid matte lipsticks, but still an amazing product~!

  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Super good on sensitive skin!

    It is super good and totally worth the price. I have sensitive skin and not all makeup removers are suitable as some might be too harsh on the skin etc. This is great as it doesnt feel like it stripped off my skin's moisture when removing and did not have any redness or tingling sensation after using it. 

    It does its job really well too, removing all the different kinds of makeup really easily and quickly. 

    It leaves my skin feeling a little bouncy and refreshed as well! So I highly recommend this product! (: 

  • oily skin, medium
    Every girls need this

    One of the repurchase product these few years since the first time I got it from Taiwan, pharmacy. It can do a very basic make up remove, can you anytime to remove dirt and oiliness on the skin feeling fresh after each use. Good way for a basic cleaning. 

  • sensitive skin

    Mucellar water is quite a new hot thing in the beauty world. And this brand is quite expensive if compared to other. However I really like how it removes my make up well without the need to apply great force. Mascara,eyebrow ,lipstick and foundation I use it to remove all the make ups. It is sloth and won't harm your face instead it will provide nutrition for your skin 

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Product details

A non-rinse cleanser and make-up remover that respects the fragility of sensitive skin. Suitable for Sensitive to intolerant skin.