Chanel La Solution 10 De Chanel Sensitive Skin Cream

Chanel La Solution 10 De Chanel Sensitive Skin Cream

By Chanel

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  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    10x returns?😍

    Well who doesn't LOVE it when you buy a product and it works?! I have combination skin (developed after a few months of using certain products), didn't help that I have sensitive skin too🙄

    Here's the thing, I ADORE Chanel, I mean who doesn't? But this product is totes amazing, how it comes in a classy little packaging and it even has a pump! (Which come to think of it, shouldn't be a surprise bc of the price we are forking out). 

    Yes yes I agree that this product is so very expensive. However, people with sensitive skin don't develop sensitive skin overnight. Most of us are born with it (or at least I was born with another condition which developed into sensitive skin). 

    This condition of having sensitive skin is so hard to control and it affects concentration and everything else. This product really helps manage my sensitive skin and keeps my face really in tone as the weather in Malaysia is suffocatingly humid. 

    It's available in any Chanel store and is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin! Yes it's a pinch to your purse but what's better than returns that SHOW on your skin?😍 Furt*****re, not much is needed in one application so no worries in finishing your money in one go☺️

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  • sensitive skin, medium, 26-35
    Great but expensive

    This cream is the best solution for sensitive skin especially when there are red rashes or patches on your skin. All you need is a small pump and it helps to cure your problems. I have red rashes and dry patches after I came back from overseas and this cream really helps a lot in relieving those problems, However the price is really expensive but worth it for people with extremely sensitive skin.

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  • combination skin, olive
    Great cream for skin sensitive

    This is hands down the best cream for sensitive skin. I had sensitive skin myself so whenever I buy cosmetics or skincare products, I will only choose those that are usable for sensitive skin. This cream is very good when there are red rashes or patches on your skin, you just need a small pump and it will cure all the skin problems away. I had red rashes on my hands whenever I use too much washing detergent, and the red rashes will make my skin to be itchy, dry and flaky. So I will apply this cream onto the problem area, and you will definitely feel the problematic area become more smooth and less itchy. So, I think this cream is very good for sensitive skin, but price wise, it is more expensive. There are actually many other brands of sensitive creams that are less expensive and effect are as good as this. 

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  • combination skin, medium fair, 13-17

    I love how chanel keeps their packaging white and classy.This product comes with a pump!This contain antioxidant and this made my skin calmer.This cream absorbs nicely to my skin leaving a good moisturized base!It do not contain any fragrance,mineral oi and parabens.I would totally recommend this to anyone with the budget to splurge on this!

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  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Great mattifying product.

    It keeps skin matte all day, no break outs and feels lovely. I would agree that it's not suitable for dryer skins but if you're looking for a mattifying cream that doesn't break you out, this is it. Foundation also looks amazing on this.

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Product details

This gentle, soothing moisturizer by CHANEL is formulated for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types irritated by aggressors including pollution, climatic conditions, stress or non-invasive microdermabrasion. 

Key benefits and ingredients:

The formula features just 10 carefully selected ingredients, each chosen for its optimal skin tolerance and efficacy. At the heart of the formula is silver needle tea, a rare and precious ingredient from which CHANEL has extracted a concentrate with unprecedented soothing and antioxidant properties to help regulate skin's response to irritants and protect against free radicals. Skin is re-balanced and nurtured back to a more resilient, less reactive state.

How To Use:

Apply to entire face and neck, morning and evening, on perfectly cleansed skin.

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1-WATER (AQUA): Deionized and purified water.

2-VEGETAL SQUALANE (SQUALANE): Nourishing vegetal ingredient extracted from the olive to reinforce the skin’s hydration barrier.

3-SOFT POWDER (LAUROYL LYSINE): Powder composed of lysine, an essential amino acid, to provide comfort and softness to the skin.

4-GLYCERIN: Hydro-attractive vegetal glycerin that helps to maintain optimal hydration levels within the skin.

5-SILVER NEEDLE TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT): Silver Needle (white tea) extract which soothes, de-stresses and defends sensitive skin.

6-SHEA BUTTER EXTRACT: Pure extract of shea butter, which intensely nourishes the skin.

7-EMOLLIENT (SODIUM POLYACRYLATE): Emollient for soft, supple skin.

8-EMULSIFIER (STEARETH-21): Emulsifier essential to the formula’s smooth uniformity.

9-HUMECTANT (CAPRYLYL GLYCOL): Humectant that improves skin comfort. 

10-PRESERVATIVE (PHENOXYETHANOL): High-tolerance formula preservative.