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Clean & Clear Oil Control Film 60Sheets
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Clean & Clear Oil Control Film 60Sheets

By Clean & Clear

4 (89 ratings)
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  • combination skin, tan
    Good product and very effective

    I have a really oily T zone.I have been using this product now for more than a year now. It soaks up extra oil from my face without ruining my makeup..i love it so much..even my husband use this, he have a really oily skin.this is a staple in his backpack.

  • combination skin, olive
    Best oil control film ever!

    I've bought this oil control film together with the pink colour packaging oil control film because I wanted to find out what's the difference between two of these. I  started to use this oil control film after using the pink colour once for a few times. Once I put it on my face, it absorbs the oil on my face very quickly same with the pink colour packaging one. Also, I can bring it everywhere since the packaging is pretty small and I can use it whenever my face is oily. I think the absorption between the pink packaing and the blue packaging is same. Totally recommend this for everyone who is looking for a great oil control film!

  • acne prone skin, tan
    It does its job very well!

    I feel like this is a must have for everyone who tends to be oily after a long day or has an oily skin type. I like the packaging, it is easy to take the films out of the packaging and you can just blot all the oil on your face just with a couple of taps. Personally, it does gross me out when I see the film after using it, like seeing all the oil I just blotted off my face. This product is suitable for all skin types so people with sensitive skin, rest assured you can keep your makeup looking matte all day by using this! 

  • acne prone skin, medium
    Easy to use and a good product
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    My nose is oily and this product really help me! It's easy to bring because the packaging is small. So this is a must have item in my life because it's really useful whenever I feel my face is oily. 

    The price is cheap and you can buy it at ***** or *****. This product had been popular since I were in secondary school. Totally recommend to everyone.

    Definitely will repurchase this when I have finished using it.

  • sensitive skin, medium
    Good on-the-go oil-removing product

    This product is good because it removes oil from the face without smudging makeup if I'm wearing any because of its smooth surface, unlike when I press tissue to my face and it removes some powder at the same time as oil. I like that it changes colour when it's absorbed oil so you can see which part of the product is still useable. It will go almost see-through when it's full of oil. It's also very affordable and lasts a long time as there are many sheets in the small packet. It works better when pressed onto the face instead of being used as a wipe. I will probably buy this again if I have to clean my face on-the-go but for now I work from home so this isn't an issue for me.

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Product details

Absorb excess oil and remove the shiny effect on your face without damaging the make- up or leave the impression bedan.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Soft sheets can be used around the nose or other parts of the face . Skin clean from oil without the shiny.

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