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Clean & Clear Pink Oil Control Film
Oil free

Clean & Clear Pink Oil Control Film

By Clean & Clear

4 (51 ratings)
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  • combination skin, medium
    Oil- Boy BYE!
    Oil free

    My skin type is combination but there are many days where my skin would be super oily and it'll look like I'm wearing a highlighter and i know that i'm not. It may look cool to people but its weird roaming around with oil on your face. 

    So everyone with oily faces- MEN AND WOMEN. 

    BUYYY THIS. I highly recommend it. 

    Just dab dab dab and the oil is gone. They are affordable, handy and very easy to use. 

    I promise you will love it.

    Omama approves!!

  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    No different with the blue one

    This pink film can suck away oil on my tzone and refresh my skin. I don't see any differences between this pink one and blue one. Both also can remove oil effectively. Just pad the film on oily area and let is absorb the oil. Fast and easy! 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Go go you oil!

    Bought this in *****s Malaysia after trying out the blue version. 

    It works similarly by absorbing the oil and I like that the oil absorbed shows up prominently after sticking it on the nose and forehead for a second. I only used it on my T-zone since it is the oiliest part of my combination skin.

    I loved this but the size is again too big to be used up in one use. I sometimes fold it and keep it for second use. It is really unhygienic so if I have the time I would tear it into half when I pull out one sheet and stick the other one back in for second use.

    Would highly recommend this if you need something to control the oil and dislike touching up repeatedly!

  • combination skin, olive
    Pink goodness!

    The pink version has no difference with the blue one. They both work well in absorbing excess oil from your face and both are easy to bring around. Overall, they're both the same in terms of function, and packaging, except for their colors. I think the pink one is just meant to be more feminine, hehe   

  • combination skin, olive
    Love it so much!

    I've used this oil control film for almost 3 years. Gonna say goodbye to my oily face once I put the oil control film on my face. It can absorb the oily quickly and the film will turn into transparent immediately to show that the oil on my face have totally absorb by it. Thus, it's lightweight enable me to carry it everywhere and the I can put this product into my bag easier since the packaging is so tiny and friendly. Totally recommend to everyone who are finding a good oil control film. For sure I'll repurchase it again and again!

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Product details

Oil control film instantly soaks up excess oil and removes shine from your face, without smudging make-up or leaving behind powder. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Softer than paper, these silky sheets can be used easily around the nose and other areas of your face. With an invigorating citrus fragrance to leave you feeling refreshed. 

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