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Clean & Clear Pink Oil Control Film

Clean & Clear Pink Oil Control Film

By Clean & Clear

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  • combination skin, olive, 13-17

    The packaging is nice and very convienient to bring everywhere. There is nice refreshing significant scent to it. The colour is pink which makes my essential bag brighter and happier somehow. It nice, thin, soft and it blots off my oils well. I use this over my makeup throughout the day to keep my makeup long lasting and better looking throughout the day. It is cheap and easy to get. Highly recommended for everyone.

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    quick and easy to blot your oil but can make your face oilier

    I used to love this as it was lightweight and easy to carry around, and the pink packaging was really cute. This pack contains beige coloured blotting paper which turns translucent upon "absorbing" the oil on your face. I preferred using this to powdering my face as it was easier to take off the shine on the go with this product. However, after using it for a few weeks, I found that I needed to use more and more of the papers each day, indicating that my face was producing more oil to counter the sudden absence of oil on my face. Therefore, I would recommend people to not overuse this product as it may have a negative side effect such as this. If this product has to be used, remember to tap your face gently and sparingly instead of pressing it hard all over your face to prevent removing too much oil.

  • combination skin, tan, 18-25
    Great product

    I bought this from watson. Just like the blue one, this paper also works great to blot the oils away. To be honest, i didn't notice any difference between this one and the blue one except for the packaging. The effect is superb, my skin looks matte and clean and fresh after i wipe the excess oil away. Definitely recommend this to everyone.

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Cheap and effective product

    Bought this product from local store(can't remember if it's Watsons or Guardian) but it can be found quite readily in SG. It was really handy for me where I can just place this 'tissue-like' pack into my bag or wallet. I'll normally use it when I find that my face is oily and it served as a good blotting film throughout the day. There's also no particular scent to it and it's cheap. Good product for those who are seeking a cheap but effective control of shine. 

  • combination skin, fair medium, 18-25
    Beauty Staple

    Costing about $4 at local beauty discount stores, this is a beauty staple for me especially in a hot climate like Singapore. This version costs slightly more than the original (blue) version but I think it is definitely worth it. This has a light grapefruit citrus scent which is always a good perk me up whenever I use this. Comes in a pink paper packaging that opens out like a book with a sticky tape on one side to make it easier to pull out a sheet at a time. I tend to sweat very easily and get oily due to the heat and I love to use this to get rid of extra oil and shine without disrupting or ruining my makeup. It helps to make my skin and makeup to feel fresh and matte. I always carry this around and I highly recommend it.

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Product details

Oil control film instantly soaks up excess oil and removes shine from your face, without smudging make-up or leaving behind powder. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Softer than paper, these silky sheets can be used easily around the nose and other areas of your face. With an invigorating citrus fragrance to leave you feeling refreshed. 

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