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CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack 001 Black

By Clio

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  • sensitive skin
    Great product!

    Quite expensive but I love this product. Doesnt smudge easily and it is waterproof. I love how I can draw my eyeliner very precisely with it. I can make the line very thin or thick according to the pressure you apply. The black colour is very beautiful too suitable for office lady. Very easy to apply and it is smooth.Can be removed easily with oil cleanser too. recommended

  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    one of the very best

    Love how the intense the colour is! Application is very smooth and easy as well. Clio really is one of the best for eyeliners. Pen tip gets easier to apply over time as it is softer. Colour can also last the whole day, does not get faded at all. I also like that the Pen can last very long and doesnt get dry up over time. Other make up brands the pen will get hard and dry over time. Highly recommended! Price wise, a bit more expensive then other brands but it is worth it! Doesnt smudge and water proof!

  • normal skin, medium fair, 18-25
    My most fav pen eyeliner brand

    CLIO produces high quality pen eyeliner. The black and brown colour ones are so dark and look great with just one draw. The eyeliner head is a little hard but not too hard until it hurts when drawing eyeliner. But after a few months of using, the pen tip became softer and little difficult to control and draw a smooth and straight eye line. This is the only problem I have with CLIO's pen eyeliner. Although the price is considered expensive among drugstore eyeliner products, but it definitely worth it. Not smudging on me, but it does faded when rubbed. Not difficult to be removed too. 

  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    One of the better eyeliners!!

    I bought one of each colour (brown and black) because of how good it is. I got this in Korea when I was there because I heard quite a lot about it and wanted to give it a try. 

    It glides really well and the formula was not too bad. Colour intensity is the right mix between the natural and the intense. In Korea, the price point is not too bad as compared to after it is shipped to other countries. 

    Personally, I have oily eyelids and many eyeliner formulas often doesnt work throughout the day. I thought that this eyeliner wears off really well, it doesnt flake but just gradually wear off naturally. 

    It lasted way longer than most of my eyeliners, in fact all, including the Urban Decay one. Maybe I might have oiler eyelids than the others, it doesnt really stay throughout the day completely for me but surely, it doesnt wear off that much. 

    Overall, I think this is worth the try and the buy! (: 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Such a beautiful eyeliner!

    I've never liked using eyeliner but this one is definitely an exception. I never thought I would actually like it so much!

    It does not transfer at all during application like what usually happened with my usual eyeliner. The tip is very thin and I can easily draw along my lash line without smearing everywhere. 

    It is highly pigmented and lasted all day long (around 8 hours). I normally stay indoor when using this eyeliner.

    I would totally recommend this and am planning to get one for my mum!

Tell us what you think

Share your thought on this product to get rewarded with more products to review!

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Product details

Clio Professional is a legendary brand respected and loved by makeup artists, beauty editors and consumers alike for its iconic eyeliners and mascaras. The Kill Black and Kill Brown series have been steady bestsellers for years and is considered Korea's bestselling eyeliner of all time. Millions have been sold across Asia for its gorgeous shades of black and brown and amazing application. A new and improved formula with an airtight locked cap makes the Clio Waterproof Pen Liner unbeatable! Formulated with Carbon Black, the Kill Black Pen Liner comes in a spongy felt-tip applicator and allows for effortless dramatic winged lines or barely-there, precise lines that will last all day and night. Smudge-proof, waterproof, and easy to use and cleanse, it was designed for makeup pros and newbies alike. No flaking, no smudging-this is liquid eyeliner revolutionized.