Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 50ml
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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 50ml

By Estee Lauder

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  • oily skin, medium
    It's a good serum
  • normal skin, fair
    EsteeLauder advantage night repair synchronized recovery complex ii

    This is most comprehensive anti aging serum ever,This I apply only when I sleeping.sometime I went toilet,I see my face have radiant then continuously sleeping.No wonder it very expensive because the product is very effective, I have experience to use this,only take one night time,it can make the skin getting improved when see the is the one formula skin should not live without..It advanced with exclusive repairs technology. It proven to significantly reduce major signs of visible aging.So effective, the powery recovery complex support the natural synchronization of skin night time repair process. it take advantage of the restorative power of night and see skin smoother, younger,more radiant. Inspired by groundbreaking research. I have use the sample from counter .I have three sachet of this serum at home now.

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  • combination skin, fair
    The repair effects

    Advance Night Repair really works on my combination face. I always woke up looking like I have a new face. Extra radiant, bright, moisture, flawless kind of feeling. I notice my pimple scar also lighten. I have tried comparing brands like Missha, Loreal, Lancome but still feel Estee Lauder product function the best and more surface. Since it works on me I have spread the  news to my families and friends

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  • combination skin, medium
    a must serum

    I have used this serum since my early 20's

    I have never found a product that helps better with hydration aging and uneven skin tone.

    It absorbs straight away and leaves me skin beautifully moisturized.

    I've always used it morning and evening. I also use the night repair eye cream.Again, its lightweight and absorbs well.

    While it didn't take away my hyperpigmentation from pregnancy i feel its made a overall difference in skin texture.

    I agree its pricey but you need a small amount so a little goes a long way.

    I can recommend using the serum.

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  • combination skin, fair
    Healed my skin

    Beautiful packaging. Very classy. It has a very calming scent and the product absorbs to your skin very fast. I use this after applying my essence. 3 drops on your palms are good to go. It glides on very well. One thing about this product is that it will flare up my face a little after I apply it on the night itself. However, when I wake up the next day, my skin feels smooth and soft. I think its how the product is working to fix your skin hence a little flare ups won't be a big deal. But once I've stopped using this, my skin starts to get dry and acne starts to build up again. This could be one of those skincare that you need to repurchase to maintain. I would recommend this to acne prone skin as it did heal my skin. At least at that moment. Oh and this lasted me for half a year !

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Product details

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is a number one repair serum to fight all key signs of visible aging.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Reveal a smoother, more radiant, younger look while waking up to more beautiful skin every day. Advanced Night Repair is proven to dramatically reduce all key signs of visible aging. It maximizes the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal with the exclusive ChronoluxCB technology (with more than 25 patents and patents pending worldwide). It is great for every ethnicity and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling smoother, hydrated, and stronger, and looking younger, radiant, and more even toned.

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Water / Aqua, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Methyl Gluceth 20, PEG-75, BIS-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Butylene Glycol