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Etude House Play 101 Pencil

Etude House Play 101 Pencil

By Etude House

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  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Not a fan of the colour payoff

    I was really into the whole thing about the 101 colours as I felt that it can potentially be a go-to tool since it has many uses. However, after using I feel that it might not be that suitable. 

    Firstly, initially the colour is really nice, but perhaps after oxidation or other thing, the colour doesnt seem to transfer that nicely on my skin/face without using alot of strength, and sharpening doesnt seem to help. 

    Secondly, it cannot be used alone on the lips as it is very drying so if you want to use it on the lips, have to use with lip balm or something else that is moisturising. 

    Thirdly, maybe because I bought it in Singapore, i didnt think it was that cheap, like retail at >10 dollars. So overall, I dont recommend but i think it is still worth the try cause it is so pretty!

  • acne prone skin, medium fair
    Multi usage

    There are 50 colours to choose from for this product. It contains matte, shimmering, creamy and glossy texture. It can be used for different kinds of usage either as eye shadow, eyeliner, blush or lipstick. The colour is pigmented and smooth in drawing. It is also easy to use and control as it is a pen whereby we are just like drawing or writing. The long lasting effect is moderate. This product is worth buying as one pencil can be used for different usage. Recommended for any skin type.

  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    Use it as eyeliner

    bought another black colour. use it as eye liner. Same as yadah, has sharpener inside, convenient and easy to use. Creamy and not drying, glide easily and the colour is very black too. I like this pencil, will definitely buy more colours. Found it expensive at its outlet, ***** is selling cheaper, can I know why?

  • combination skin, medium fair

    I bought this in Etude House during sales. Each were around RM10 for me (which was a pretty good deal)! Bought around 10 pcs.

    Some darker shades were great as eyeliner or glitter liner. Glides smoother than the others.

    I had some plum and pink shades for my lips. These are kinda drying on my lips. It'll seem better with some lip gloss layered on top. It also requires reapplying after eating.

    Besides that, some colorful shades were nice to play with as eyeliners/ eyeshadows on my eyes, altho it is quite troublesome to twist up the product from the pencil. The salesgirl in Etude House also advised not to twist the product too high up, as the high temperature of Malaysia will melt and make the product stuck, making it impossible to twist the product back in.

    These are cheap alternatives to other color liners like Urban Decay. Would recommend especially if you're a beginner!

  • acne prone skin, medium fair, 18-25
    Etude house play 101 pencils!
    Love the texture of this product! It is super smooth and glides onto the skin so effortlessly. I love using these as statement eyeliner (with any vibrant colour, a swipe of mascara and you're good to go). It is really easy to remove as well. The staying power is fantastic, it lasts all day and it stays put! Other than that, it is pretty affordable as well! Can't possibly go wrong with these liners! It comes in so many colours! 5/5! 
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Product details

Easy and fast makeup pencil type eyeliner with 50 various colors and textures. Pencil for from beginning to finishing of makeup. 

Key benefits and ingredients:

- Simply full makeup: Various pencils which could be used for eyues, lips, cheeks, etc.

- Rich color with a single drawing: Rich and pigmented colors that do not need layering over and over.

- 5 various textures: Creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter types available. Pick your favorite texture and experience the easy and fast makeup

- Long lasting waterproof function: Made of 'highly functional waterproof polymer'* for long-lasting makeup.

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