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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
By Etude House

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

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Pores in the excellent care they contain large amounts of vegetable ingredients. Minimize the burden of the skin.Slightly acidic ph5 skin. Management of various skin problems. 

- Total pore solution: effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract.
- This Freshner balances pH levels, makes skin pure like baby skin, and prevents skin troubles caused by pH imbalance.
- 7-in-1 Solution: Deep cleansing, sebum control, pH4.5 care, tightening pores, for clear skin, giving elasticity, moisturizing
- Harmless ingredients: WITHOUT mineral oil, fragrance, coloring, talc, animal ingredients, silicone oil


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  • combination skin, medium fair
    for super oily skin only

    personally this toner is for those with extremely oily skin. logically, pores become very prominent when you initially have very dry skin. your skin is quite clever actually. they'll try to compensate the dryness by excreting huge amount of oil through your pores. as a result, your pores will become so prominent ! 

    i love the bottle. its blue in color. i can't remember the price but it was quite expensive actually. the toner smells nice, and it doesn't irritate my skin. i have MILD combination skin, meaning my T-zone is oily. i tried using this toner, after 2 weeks, my pores become more prominent omg ! i went back to the store where i got it to get some consultation and according to her, this toner is quite drying and it strips off what little oil film that i have on my skin, making it super dry. when it's dry, pores become bigger !! omg !! so scary. piece of advice, check your skin type carefully before purchasing. it doesn't work on me but it might work on you. good luck :) 

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  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17
    cleans up pores

    My order from seoulglamour arrived a week earlier than expected and I'm ecstatic because Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is one of the best toner/ pore minimizing product I have ever used. I have combination skin and I find that this product truly balances out my skin's pH and, with continued use, has decreased the size of my pores. This product has dramatically simplified my nightly skin care routine and I will definitely be buying it again!

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  • combination skin, medium
    Its an okay toner i guess

    So i bought this thinking it could shrink my ugly huge pores which do nothing but trap bacteria and give me painful cyst and acne. Its a decent toner which cleans dirt and stuff but it doesnt shrink my pores? Its still as big and uglueyeye so ya. Wouldnt recommend anyone like me whos looking for pore shrinking toner la bc it simply doesnt work for me. 

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  • oily skin, medium
    Cooling but doesn't do much

    I got this in a sample form (in a bottle) after purchasing a few items from Etude House. The scent of it is like ethanol and the sensation of it when put onto the skin is like ethanol too. Feels like this product has more ethanol than my other toners

    I would use it after cleansing and after using this toner, I would apply the Etude House's pore corrector under the same line "Wonder Pore". Tbh, I find that this line is quite a disappointment as the products are pretty much made up of ethanol and doesn't make me feel like the products worked in making my pores less visible hmm. The annoying thing of this toner would be that it does not do it job like its slogan "Wonder Pore"

    I would not recommend this to people tbh. I would rather them spend their $ on better toners from other brands. 


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  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    Good at removing oil

    This is a toner, it contains strong smell of alcohol. It didn't hurt my skin, the good side is it helps to remove oil effectively after washing face, so can achieve deep cleansing and sanitized acne to prevent it spreading all over face. I found it quite useful for curing acne.

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