Givenchy Prisme Libre

Givenchy Prisme Libre

By Givenchy

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  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    too luxury, result is luxury too

    i like its packaging, it is so luxury, bold black packaging and the powder itself is so colourful. when using the sponge to dab the powder can see the four letters of G stain on it. the packaging design is nice and user friendly, easy to apply and the process is mess-free as the powder wont come out easily and waste it (as u know it is so expensive over RM200 for one loose powder). I use it as loose powder, last step of make up for setting up. gently dap it over face repeatedly. it looks 4 different colour but when it applies on face, they blend nicely. it gives sheer, translucent finishing, make skin glowing. it didnt clog pores and no irritation. i am so in love with this! 

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  • normal skin, medium fair, 18-25
    Luxurious makeup

    This is literally one of the most expensive makeup product I have used so far, works well but not too outstanding.

    The 4 colours powder intends to correct skin tone in all way, and setting base make up in a same simple step. I not really sure if it works on correcting skin tone or not, because I really does not see any obvious effect.

    Setting power is just so-so, don't do much oil control but the good thing is this powder does not make base make up to be cakey or drying.

    The package is really luxurious and gorgeous, friends would be jelly of you having such pretty box.

    Overall, I think this is not worth such price. I will not repurchase this anyway. 

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  • combination skin, medium fair, 13-17
    Glowy peachy finish

    I got mine in Voile Rose No.7.It has a combination of pinks,peach,cream and white.The packaging felt super luxurious.The four colours are divided onto 4 sections that I could control how much of each colours i want.This powder is super finely milled and it helps to mattify my face!It gave me the luminous glow at the same time!This is definitely something I would use sparringly because it is super pretty!I would definitely recommending this to everyone!

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Product details

A mattifying and color-correcting loose powder for the face combining four shades into one perfect harmony.

Key benefits and ingredients:
This sheer and luminous powder mattifies, provides color-correction, and sets makeup to last longer. The pigments are lightweight, refreshing, and soften the complexion to perfection, while the veil of powder delivers a breath of radiance and luminosity. The secret to the formulation is in its pigments, which are treated with atomization technology making them extremely fine to glide on evenly for an ultra-natural, peachy-soft skin effect. The featherweight powder also boasts an exquisite fragrance trail featuring lilac and white musk. Each case includes a white microfiber powder puff for optimal gentleness on the skin—the epitome of refinement.


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