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Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet Bamboo
Bamboo mask

Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet Bamboo

By Etude House

3 (136 ratings)
  • cheap but doesnt work for me
    Bamboo mask

    i always enjoy doing research before purchasing a beauty product such as toner, mask and moisturizer and etc. but this mask is one of the exception and the decision of purchasing it making me quite disappointed with etude house mask. the mask look just like other normal mask that can be easily bought at any beauty store. the mask sheet is semi-transparent and the essence is not very thick and many but enough to moisture up face. however, my face feel no difference after using it. the mask just moisture up my skin only for minutes and on the next morning, my face just feel like normal day that i dont do mask the day before. so i will not recommend this for people. And i personally think the mask dont do anything for my face. i will definitely nt repurchase it after this.

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Just ok.

    I bought this in Guardian because it looked nice. To me personally, this mask was not with one of the best smells. It had a musky smell to it which I did not really like. The product itself was an emulsion/serum like. It didn't feel to heavy on the skin and it had a nice cooling effect on the skin. It felt like it soothed each pore on my face. My skin looked and felt really soft after this mask and no matter how weird it will sound, I noticed that my pimples healed a bit faster than usual. it might have been because I started to drink zinc supplement around that time, but who knows.

  • oily skin, medium
    Nothing special

    I bought this from local Etude House outlet for around $1.90. It has good product amount on each sheet mask and the scent is decent as well. I personally likes the "Rice" sheet mask as it does a good job of brightening your face. Etude House sheet masks from this line used to carry 25 different types ranging from A to Z but now they have cut it down to just a few types and unfortunately, "Rice" is no longer available :-( So disappointing!!!

    I would use this once a week and I would store the masks in the fridge so that it will give me instant cooling sensation when using it. I would pat the rest of the product onto my face and neck after leaving the mask on for 30-45 minutes. The most impressive thing would be the decent quality for its cheap price

    I would recommend it to people who likes korean skincare products and would want a quick grab and go mask as Etude House has an outlet in almost every shopping malls in Singapore.


  • combination skin, medium fair

    I have to say i really like etude house mask and i constantly look out for any offers or package deals from etude house. i wonder why they do not usually sell in bulk though, as i really like their masks. its my holy grail. here's why. first, theirs masks are a good fit. It is also very hydrating as there is a lot of essence in the mask and there is still remaining in the mask bag. For this mask, there is a cooling sensation and helps relief redness. This is slightly thicker in consistency as it is not clear watery but more like emulsion, and i prefer this type. After using for 20 minutes, my skin felt very soft and even toned. 

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Just ok.

    This has a musky smell to it. The product itself if a emulsion/serum texture. Doesn't feel to heavy on the skin and has a nice cooling effect on the skin. It feels like its soothing each pore on your face. My skin looked and felt really soft after this mask and it actually helped to clear up some of my acne spots. 

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Product details

This mask sheet contains bamboo extract (Bambusa Vulgaris Extract), providing cool, soothing relief to dryness for clean, moist skin.