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Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
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Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

By Laneige

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  • oily skin, fair, 18-25

    it has a nice sweet berry candy scent.  if i am not mistaken, it comes with 8 different shade. i tried the no.7 (lollipop red) and i love it. the colour is really nice and suit me well. it combined 2 colour in one. with colour on one and clear balm on another side.(purple blam and reddish pink) it is indeed a good product for lazy people like me to create Korean ombre style. all you need is only to swipe it on the lips. it is quite moisturizing but not over oily or sticky.  if you find the colour too sheer, you can always reapply  it to create a stronger colour. the packaging is really cool. you need to lower the button at the side to push the lipstick up.  But the lipstick is easily breakable. so do not push the lipstick out too much. great for people with chapped or dry lips. 

  • sensitive skin, dark, 13-17
    Very moisturising

    These lip bars are easily available at their outlets. The packaging is really simple, and their products are a little pricey. But this one is actually worth it. I love two tones / ombre stuff so I thought why not give this a try. This lip stick is quite moisturising, suitable for those why dry lips, or always in an air conditioned area. Also, the two tone lip bar gives a shiny glowly effect which I really like. This is totally opposite to a matte one. The color is not very very pigmented like the usual lipsticks, so it's suitable for a casual day out. Highly recommended!

  • normal skin, medium fair
    Effortless but lovely!

    The packaging of this two tone tint lip bar is special, the texture is good and the color is natural. I will apply this lip bar on my lip before I go to work. This is my first time to buy this two tone tint lip bar and this lip bar have the function of moisture. My lip do not feel dry and always be hydrated. I like this lip bar and I will recommend it to my family and friends!

  • sensitive skin, medium
    Love this two-tone lipstick!

    This lipstick is really pretty and the shades available is really pretty! It is moisturising. It's like a lip balm. Those with dry lips will enjoy this product! You can get them cheaper from online. However, I think that the gradient look is not that obvious which is fine for me. Would recommend it!

  • combination skin, medium, 26-35
    Nice colour

    I bought the new shade 04 fruits candy bar. It looks like bright pink with turquoise colour but the turquoise turns to sheer colour which looks very natural on lips. The turquoise part works as lip balm, quite good and creative. The colour is really very nice, natural gradient. Not drying, and staying power is good. It was fade slightly after drinking for few hours. Apply three layers for vivid colour and it can stay longer. 

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Product details

Effortlessly lovely!
This is the trick of two-tone
Two-tone with tint and lip balm

1. Defining tint and moisturizing lip balm all at once!
The new V-cut created for the golden ratio of tint and lip balm defines the inside of the lips vividly and moisturizes the outer side of the lips!
2. Effortlessly lovely two-tone gradation!
8 kinds of perfect color combination for long-lasting, defining color tint and pastel tone lip balm
3. The ingredients and technology of Lip Sleeping Mask!
No dead skin cells! Keeps the lips moisturized and healthy for long hours as if having used a lip mask over dry lips
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Key Points
With Two-Tone Tint Lip Bar,
express natural gradation on the inside of the lips and moisturize the lips all winter!

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