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Mac Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist
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Mac Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist

By Mac

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  • combination skin, fair
    The product delivers!
    Img 20171128 211048 925 1

    Many beauty gurus swears on this product, and I too, am no exception to it. It is a great setting spray and I will usually spritz 4x on my face to set the make up and the make up will stay on for the whole day! The foundation will not run and it will stay fixed if your face decides to excrete gallons of oil.

    Upon spritzing, it does not leave any wet patches and absorb almost immediately into your skin. Depending on your foundation routine, it can set to matte or dewy look. 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Life saver for skin

    Just purchased it last month and I am already so into it. Instead of setting your makeup, it helps a lot to moisturise your skin after putting on makeup. The effective result is that my face does not feel tension every time after I remove my makeup. It works well with the makeup that gives you a glowing skin in a short while. The packaging is nice and friendly to spray onto face, yet the mist is fine enough to absorb. It does have a natural and typical spray scent. Girls, it worths your money to get one with you, affordable and good product. 

  • combination skin, olive, 18-25
    Worth every penny

    I bought this at Alamanda in the travel size bcs it's easy for me to carry anywhere i go. I love to use this before i put makeup to set my face and to reduce on my face. I also use this as a setting spray which i really love bcs it gives me a glowing look. The price is quite pricey but hey the product is ao good that i dont mind to spend some money on it. 

  • oily skin, olive
    Great for making your makeup flawless!

    I bought it at the Mac counter in One Utama last year and have repurchased it because its AMAZING

    The packaging is nice, nothing fancy. The product sprays nicely, it doesn't shoot water into your face and it mists the face pretty well. The cucumber smell is really light and refreshing, I don't think people who are sensitive to smells will find it unbearable. 

    The product sets my face really well and makes any excess powder blend into my skin flawlessly. The first time i tried it i was wowed by how bright and flawless my face looks after makeup compared to without it. It's now an essential part of my routine. People have noted how much fresher and prettier my makeup looks now! 

    I use it by spraying it four times. First in a T-shape across the face and then in an X shape so that my whole face is sprayed without over-doing it. I do watch tutorials on YouTube and i find that people tend to over-do it with this spray and make their skin look more oily than the soft dewy effect this spray gives. However, I do live in a very humid climate, so less is more with this product. It can really make your face turn oilier faster even if you put on tons of mattifying powder beforehand. It will just remove the matte look. 

    I have used some other setting sprays (Urban Decay, Lush, Etude House, etc..) and this one does not make your makeup last longer. It makes it prettier and removes excess powder to make a flawless and seamless look. So don't expect it to do any of that just because it's labeled as a 'setting spray'! All sprays are not created equals!

    I would honestly recommend this to anyone, beginners to advanced. Its useful when your face is looking dull, or you piled on too much makeup, to refresh your makeup during the day, you can spray it into your brush to make eyeshadows look more vibrant, and just to all around make your makeup look more flawless. For skin type purposes, I do think this works even better for dry skin as you can spray it before applying makeup to help hydrate dry patches for a more smooth application. For oily skin, just don't apply too much and you'll be fine. 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    3 in 1 product
    This spray is super amazing. One of my favorites from MAC. It helps in priming the skin before starting the makeup and then setting it as well after makeup. It also helps in setting the eyeshadows. Specially glitters and pigments. I apply some spray on my brush and then pick up the shadow or pigment to apply to eye and it helps it stay longer. Apart from that it gives a perfect smooth finish to the makeup and sets it in for really long hours. I got its deluxe size first to try it out and later I bought a full size bottle for my vanity. 

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Product details

M·A·C Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist is a lightweight, mineral-rich formula that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup while helping to create an even surface for smooth makeup application.

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