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MEMEBOX I'M MEME I'm Stick Shadow #ES401 Falling Star

MEMEBOX I'M MEME I'm Stick Shadow #ES401 Falling Star


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  • normal skin, medium fair, 18-25
    Easy to blend

    Bought this because I love how it looks easy to be used in Pony's makeup tutorial. 

    It is not too shimmery but just nice. The glow is kinda like the pearl satin glow type which is very subtle but the glow still obvious. After drawing it directly on eye lids, I will blend it out with finger. It is very buttery and easy to blend with my powder type eye shadows. I normally use it to add some subtle shimmer to matte colours to add live to eye makeup. It is quite pricey though.

  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17
    Loving it

    I'm honestly shocked at how pigmented these are.  With just one effortless swipe on the eye, these transfer onto the skin with no effort at all. The three shades I choose all translated onto my skin true to what is in the stick. You can use it as a highlighter too!

  • combination skin, fair
    Memebox stick shadow

    I came to know this product online. But I purchased this in one of the mall in Penang. Tested it and fell in love with it. The packaging of this stick shadow is greyish black, long and thin. I normally use this to blend in with other darker shadow because I bought "falling stars".

    I haven't really tried other stick shadows as this is my first. 

    I personally would like to try other colors.

    I haven't really tried other stick shadows

  • combination skin, fair medium, 18-25
    Easy to apply stick shadow that will last the whole day but it more suitable to be used as a base colour

    Like any other stick eye shadow, it comes in a chubby stick packaging and you have to twist up the product to use. The packaging is a black chubby stick with the words I'm Stick Shadow printed similar to the other products in the I'm Meme line. At the bottom of the stick is the where the twist up is is in the exact same colour as the eye shadow colour inside so it's easy to differentiate the colours.  

    The shade falling star is a beautiful pinkish peach colour that's good as a base or used on it's own. The eyeshadow goes on creamy and transfers easily from the stick unto the eyelids but sets very fast so you would need to blend it out fast. Since it needs to be blended out fast, using your fingers to blend is the best option. Because the colour is on the lighter side, it might not come off as very pigmented but you can layer it to make it more prominent as well as use a eye primer. Using the stick shadow together with primer definitely makes the eye shadow stay on longer especially if you have oily lids. Despite the creamy texture, the eye shadow is able to stay on throughout the day without creasing and little fading. Like I mentioned, if you want to blend it out, you have to do it fast. The eye shadow sets within 30 seconds and once it sets, it is almost budge proof. It will only come out when you use a makeup remover. So in terms of staying power, this stick shadow is one that will last you the whole day but the colour payoff is light as is more suitable to be used as a base colour rather than on it's own. 

  • oily skin, medium fair, 26-35
    Very nice and handy eye shadow stick

    I got this meme eye shadow stick falling star given by my friend from Korea and I was so amazed. Its very smooth and pigmented formula suitable for girls who are always on the go. You just need to glide it on your eye shadow and voila youre good to go. It's pearl shine gives you a very stunning look. WhatI like the nost is 5hat it can last upto 12hrs w/ retouch so theres no neex for me to cover layers of maje up everynow and then. So what are you waiting for grab one now at your favorite shop and  experience this wonderful eye shadow  stick from meme box.

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Product details

Illumin-eyes with our new & revamped I'm Stick Shadow. Inspired by the the galaxy, each color will leave your eyes sparkling with the finest shimmers. These retractable stick shadows deserve a spot in your makeup bag so you can create the illusion of deeper, brighter eyes on the go!