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Nature & Refresh Aloe Vera Toner

Nature & Refresh Aloe Vera Toner

By Always21

4 (48 ratings)
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  • combination skin, medium, 18-25
    Good one

    I think this one is almost the same as natural republic one. The texture is smooth and light. It gives u a cool and refreshed feeling after application. I love to soak it with cotton pads and use it as a mask. It can be easily absorbed by the skin . I think aloe Vera is suitable for most skin type. It is not pricy too.recommended!

  • oily skin, medium fair, 26-35
    Awesome toner

    I got a very sensitive skin, thats why I take extra care in choosing a toner thats fit for my skin type. So when I tried this one as my friend suggest, after a day my skin becomes supple and smooth. Right after a week use I notice gradually my pores becomes smaller and smaller. I  so thankful for this product coz finally I have find something that didnt give me break outs. 

  • oily skin, medium brown
    A Good Toner That Refine Your Skin In Few Days!

    Hi guys.So now i will give my review on Always 21 Nature & Refresh Aloe Vera Toner. Actually, I'm not so familiar with this brand and since this is the first time I try it, it actually give you good result. My sister bought it as my birthday's gift. The items that we bought is Always 21 Nature Refresh Rice Foam Cleanser, Always 21 Nature & Refresh Aloe Vera Emulsion and some masks. 

    For Always 21 Nature & Refresh Aloe Vera, I always wear it before I go to sleep. It gave you good moisturizing on your face and it refine back your skin. If you have oily skin like me, I recommend you this product. It really helps to control your oily skin's problems. The result appears only 2-3 days only but you need to wash your face with any cleanser beforehand before apply it and to be sure never apply with wet face.Wipe your face before apply it or other else it won't work.

    For the packaging, its fine. Nothing to be compared with others brand. For the scent, it really give you a good smell of Aloe Vera. You can feel the freshness of the scent and it feel cold on your face when you apply it.

    So guys, don't forget to try this product because it really worth it! Thank you!!

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Share your thought on this product to get rewarded with more products to review!

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Product details

The toner formulated with 90% natural aloe vera soothes and moisturizes the skin.