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Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Toner 150ml

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Toner 150ml

By Nature Republic

4 (75 ratings)
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  • sensitive skin, dark, 13-17
    Great toner!

    This toner is easily available in their store. Got it from Pyramid. It was pretty affordable. This lasted me for quite a long time. The toner comes in a light green bottle with a dispenser and is easy to carry around. Also, this toner has no unpleasant smell. It absorbs pretty quickly and this has sort of a cooling effect. It also moisturises my skin. I'm pretty satisified with this toner as I've seen my skin improved over time. Overall recommended!

  • oily skin, olive, 18-25
    Instant cooling and moisturise toner

    I got this from an online store. The packaging is very pretty. The bottle is in green colour and you can see the content outside the plastic bottle. The texture is watery and the scent is fresh. I use it after washing my face, apply right amount onto face and let it absorb. It is also advisable to dispense the toner onto cotton pad or palm and gently spread over face. After that, pat for better absorption and apply emulsion later. After several times of usage, I feel that my skin has been hydrated with moisture shield. My skin is more silky and soft now. For those who get sunburn, you can apply this onto skin as it has instant cooling effect. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking of cooling and high moisture toner. 

  • combination skin, medium, 18-25

    I love the design of this product the greenery the transparency the cute long tube. The texture of the product is very light it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable I use alcotton pads to tap on my face but I feel it is quite wasteful since there will still be essence left in cotton pads . It moisturise my skin and leaves my skin moist !

  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    Lightweight and effective

    The toner was bought from ***** and I prefer using it over the aloevera mask. Its formula is non-sticky and lightweight. The moisturizing effect is impressive and the face does not turn oily after application (only use oil blotting paper to tap after 6-7 hours). The transparent bottle is also easy for me to check if I over-squeezing the amount or when to refill. Apart from that, I like its consistency of effects over the post-acne treatment. After application, the acne dries off after 1-2 days, scars are faded away easily. This doesn't much happened when I use other skin care products which take longer time.

  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Reasonable price for a quality product

    This product feels really good on my skin. It is slightly thicker compared to other products but it absorbs really quickly! The formula is non-sticky and it doesn't make my face feel tight like other toner. My skin instantly feel refreshed and moisturized! I feel that this product is really gentle and would be suitable for all skin types. Recommended!

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Product details

-Moisture water type toner with aloe extract.

-Provides rich hydration with moisture shield and prevents moisture loss.

-Aloe Vera leaf Polysaccharides and California fruit ferment ingredient gives silky firm skin.

How To Use:

-After face wash apply right amount onto face and let it absorb.