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BevyC Overnight Soothing Hydrating Mask 115g

BevyC Overnight Soothing Hydrating Mask 115g

By BevyC

3 (60 ratings)
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  • combination skin, medium

    It is very important to give our skin a deep-down hydration before we hit the bed, as our skin may renew itself, repair, restore and rebalance while we sleep.  I am totally attracted by Bevy.C as it provides an overnight soothing hydrating mask to meet my requirements.  Not only that, i've seen a number of overseas blogger giving great reviews about this brand.  It is a very famous brand originated from Taiwan.  I was first captivated by this brand when Bevy.C was featured in Taiwan's famous beauty programme!

  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Retain moisture or cash?😂

    You might be wondering why I placed that line as my topic. It's because this mask is all too expensive 😕 I'm a student, earning a living through multiple sources and still feel like this mask is a total rip-off for students 😭

    Perhaps this is due to my lack of use of masks hence don't place too much importance on the use of masks. If you're willing to splurge or have ultra-dry/ sensitive skin, this mask is oh so recommendable. Make sure that you apply this in a way that is not too little and not too lavishly. Too little and nothing would take place, too much and your skin might not be able to handle that quantity. 

    Save up if you're really going to buy this! 

  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17
    It lightens your skin

    I’m honoured to try it out and share with you the amazing results I got from using Bevy C Soothing Hydrating overnight mask. I tried this overnight mask for few months now and it’s one of my favorite. I find myself using more over the other overnight masks I have.

    It has sunflower oil in it. It is best known for its beta-carotene, a fat-soluble compound usually found in a various vegetables and fruits. The compound contains a good deal of antioxidant properties which are greatly beneficial for human health especially skin care. Studies show this oil can fight infection and improve skin barrier function. It is a good source of lineolic acid which helps the skin produce ceramides needed to prevent water form evaporating off the skin.

  • sensitive skin, medium, 26-35
    nice product

    Price is kinda steep for this mask however it is quite effective in hydrating and reduce redness on my skin. Using it twice a week and it helps to calm my skin. Suitable for all skin type especially dry and sensitive skin. 

  • combination skin, medium
    A great product!

    This product gives glow to my skin after a week of using! My skin now feels very moisturized and bouncy.  The annoying thing is that  i feel that when i put this on, it does not soak into my skin immediately. It takes time to. So i had to sleep on my back so the product wont have contact with my pillow. But all in all it was worth it and I would definitely recommend this others.  

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Product details

Overnight Soothing Hydrating Mask offers all-night repair for skin suffering from dryness and premature aging. It moisturizes, replenishes, and calms the problem skin, leaving the complexion smooth and fully hydrated.

How To Use:

Use every night after application of BEVY C. skincare products, apply appropriate amount (2-3 teaspoons) onto face, gently massage with finger tips (then rest). Rinse off the next day, and follow daytime skincare routine in morning.