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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask 100g
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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask 100g

By Skin Food

4 (224 ratings)
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  • oily skin, fair, 18-25
    my skin so smooth
    Img 20171007 171221 1 Img 20171007 170114 1

    i decided to give it a try after reading so many review about it. it comes in a translucent plastic bottle and a white lid. it doesn't come with a spatula but i feel its more hygienic to use one. it looks and smells exactly like brown sugar. i am really surprise at how solid the product is. u MUST use it on damp skin if not it will be too rough for you to use it on your face.  i massage it on face after cleansing, and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. then later rinse it off with warm water. it have sugar grains that work like scrub. it helps to exfoliate the skin and leave my skin smooth. 

  • sensitive skin, medium fair

    I have sensitive skin, if you don't follow my reviews. I tried using this like once and wouldn't use it ever again, I didn't feel like effect until around 5 minute of this product on my face. My skin is really sensitive and I suspect the grains of sugar in this product was a motivating factor in how this affects my skin. Would recommend for other skin types as I suspect this helps in cleaning your face thoroughly

  • combination skin, fair
    Not recommended for oily skin

    I've seen many good reviews about this scrub and decided to give it a try. It's a quite big jar and I find it not convenient and no hygienic as you need to scoop it out.

    Smells good and scrubs well but one thing I don't like the most is that it leaves an oily and greasy feel. I don't feel refresh after using it! I have to cleanse my face again in order feel refresh as there's this one layer of grease on my skin and it does not feel comfortable at all.

    Will not purchase again. Gave it to my housemate who has dry skin, in fact it suits her better.

  • normal skin, fair
    Ordinary scrub

    This product is actually both a mask and a scrub. You leave them on for a few mins, and gently massage your face before rinsing it off, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

    I dislike how this comes in a tub so you have to scoop the products using your fingers. Not hygienic.

    For me, it does its job like any other physical exfoliators out there. The granules can be quite harsh for some people. I would personally opt for a chemical exfoliator, as it is actually much gentler, and able to penetrate pores and clean them better.

  • acne prone skin, fair
    Makes my skin smooth and soft

    I had read a lot of good reviews on this product so I bought this from ***** last year to try it out. I bought with almost half the price from store.

    This product has a mild citrus smell. It lasted me for more than a year despite I used it once a week. At first I thought this product is overrated because I don't see any effect of it softening my face. But after that I realized that I used it the wrong way and I didn't exfoliate enough. After I changed my way of exfoliating my skin became so soft and smooth, it also brighten up my face! Since then I love the product very much and I highly recommend it

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Product details

An exfoliating wash-off scrub-slash-mask that leaves skin clean and revitalized. It has this sugar bits that thoroughly sloughs off oil and grime from the skin, whilst its self-heating properties allow pores to open and allow the mask.