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 Skin Food Rice Wash Off Mask 100g

Skin Food Rice Wash Off Mask 100g

By Skin Food

3 (118 ratings)
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  • normal skin, fair
    skin food rice mask

    This is a wash off rice mask,it should wash off after 15mins.It can soothing skin and nourishing the skin.I like the ingredient,the rice is natural .And u will feeling refreshing and clean after washing off this mask,it is very cheap can be found at skin food shop.This cant found at ***** or *****.The scented is natural scented and the packaging is normal.I havent recommended for friend yet,i think will recommended it soon.The mask is like creamy ,just apy on face,be careful with eye,eyebrows,and mouth.

  • dry skin, medium fair
    Skinfood Rice Mask

    Skinfood is one of my favorite brand for skin care i still using this until today. 

    Rice Mask is one of the mask wash off type that im still using till today. I alternate it with the black sugar mask. This rice mask is much more soft. I love this rice mask because its make my skin more smooth and brighter. I think its do well as cleaning up my face as well.  

    I usually use it on my daily basic before i wash my face with my cleanser form.  For those who sometimes lack of time using face sheet mask may consider using this type of mask as well. 

    The price is cheaper and the quality is good . 

  • oily skin, medium
    So -so

    It has quite nice rice scent.It won't irritate the skin .It can brighten up my skin after  using it.But ,for oily skin like me it doesn't really work,my skin didn't  feel really hydrated after using it.It isn't expensive and it didn't make me feels yuck  when I use it.I would recommend to people with dry or medium skin.

  • dry skin, medium fair
    You will notice brighter skin

    I first bought this after seeing many vlogs that rave about this product. The texture of this product is somewhat like a rice-smoothie, all the "grains" are mashed-up. It only has a mild scent. After I used this mask, it is somehow miraculous that my skin became brighter. However, I note that this product has parabens, so those sensitive to parabens, do be aware.

  • combination skin, fair
    Mild exfoliator

    Got this sample when I bought products from Skin Food, I think it's a great product that kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only does it cleanse the skin, its tiny bits can exfoliate the skin as well. It is not very harsh on the skin, so I think it should be fine even for people with acne. I quite like its exfoliating properties. Will consider to purchase the full sized product.

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Product details

A wash-off mask containing rice extract that moisturizes skin and brightens tone. With its texture of ground rice, it leaves skin bright, soft and lustrous. 

How to use:

After washing, apply desired amount onto face, focusing on nose area while avoiding eye and mouth areas. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.