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Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion
By Clarins

Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion

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Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion offers long-lasting anti-shine protection, while absorbing excess oil. At the same time, it purifies & gently exfoliates your skin, resulting in a finer skin texture & tightened pores.

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  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    Under expectation

    I had tried most of the Clarins products but this isn't the one that up to my expectation. Below are the opinions after using it for a month:

    1. Nice scent and fresh
    2. Absorbs quickly by skin and doesn't leave sticky feeling
    3. "mattifying" for the oily skin (yet does not last long)

    1. Effect (prevent oil-shine) doesn't last long and reapplication is needed. In short, it doesn't help much in controlling oil production over time.
    2.  Pores get irritated after I've used it for continuously 2 weeks.
    3.  The ingredient 'at paula's beatipedia' is actually alcohol, not favorable in my skin care routine.

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  • combination skin, medium fair

    Got it at the counter.

    I have loved the feel of it on my skin. My make-up has been working really well on top of it. Has it instantly mattified? Sort of…I’m not oily straight after washing my face though so there’s nothing to soak up. It doesn’t however, leave me looking greasy and shiny. It has a lovely clean scent, not an artificial or anti-bacterial scent. More cut grass.

    Has it kept the oil down throughout the day? Sadly not. I’m still having to constantly blot and re-apply powder, up to as much as 5/6 times a day.

    I’m wondering if it didn’t give it enough time? Maybe, after the entire experiment is over, I can re-visit this and give it 4-6 weeks.

    So, I’m sad to say, this hasn’t been my saviour, 

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  • acne prone skin, olive
    Lotion for face

    Not very satisfied with this product as although it's branded and costs quite a bit, does not seem to be any better than any other cheaper lotion I've used.

    Definitely moisturising and cooling, smells clean. However my face was very oily and slightly sticky again only a few hours later, once again like most other lotions. Can't really blame it though as Singapore's weather just cancels out any product I've ever tried.

    Does what it claims to achieve, but personally not worth the extra money for the brand in tropical weather. One of my favourite mattifying lotions is The Body Shop seaweed mattifying day cream, which I find is equally as good as this product but for about half the price.

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  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    Good product - shine free skin

    My friend who has oily skin texture has good testimony regarding this product. So, I tried it out since my T-zone used to be quite oily. 

    This product promises a long-lasting shine free skin by absorbing the excess oil and reduces oily shine on skin. The lotion definitely has tighten the pores on my nose and skin is mattified and more refined. It's easier to put on make up and not have to worry that make up on the T-zone area will crease after a long day. 

    Recommended to those with oily skin.

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  • acne prone skin, fair, 18-25
    GoodBye shiny face !

    My acne prone skin always gives my friends an impression of me sweating alot as my face always look oily 😕 This Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion that has anti-shine protectio really helps to improve my skin condition. It won't make my skin dry when it says anti-shine. In fact, my skin becomes softer as it exfoliates the dead skin cells and tighten the pores. 

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