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Yadah Anti-Trouble Spot 15g

Yadah Anti-Trouble Spot 15g

By Yadah

3 (41 ratings)
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  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17
    Not harsh

    It’s not a major miracle worker, but it is my go-to skin savior. Some pimple-fighting creams are so harsh that they sting or leave a dry patch on your face for weeks. I feel like the Yadah cream helps your skin heal the blemish faster, but without disrupting your skin’s natural balance. Surprisingly, I like that a lot better because it’s not harsh on my skin.

  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    Effective to cure acne

    This can be used to cure acne like pimples one but not cyst. Smell good, able to minimize acne by overnight. Apply a small amount day and night on acne. Acne got diminished after constantly apply. It reduced redness immediately, quite good!

  • oily skin, olive
    Not Really Works

    I bought this at *****.my along with other yadah products. It comes in a small packaging and tube sized which makes it easier to applies.

    The smell was like tea tree and it is white textureish.It didn't really improved my acne nor does worsen.Maybe for small acne but not for serious acne.

    Willl I recommend or repurchase it to anyone? Don't thinks so.

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Expensive and ineffective

    I was really dissapointed by this product. I got this from *****, along with the anti T mist. I used it day and night for about 2 months and it didn't really seem to help much. Maybe if your acne is mild or you just want to prevent it from getting any worse, then it isn't so bad. But it's not recommended for new pimples and oily skin like mine. It doesn't seem to work on new breakouts... The gel itself smells really nice and fresh but that's about the best thing about this product. The gel is white and in my opinion kinda oily, too oily for an acne treatment product, I think. Would not recommend this.

  • oily skin, medium fair, 26-35
    For that bothersome acne/pimple

    I never wanted to run out of this spot treatment from Yadah. This spot treatment tube is very easy to use. You only need to apply small amount on the acne/pimple spot and leave it overnight or you can top it with foundation or makeup during the day but wait til the cream dried out before aplying.  This one does not dry your skin while subsiding the swell and redness of your acne/pimple.  Its specially formulated for sensitive skin like me  so its not harmful to my skin and very effective too.  A must have.

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Product details

This product combats inflammation, and improves your skin’s immunity while healing it at the same time. Apply to acne spots after washing your face.